Tysabri start next month

Hello all,

I’m 27 with a baby and I have just been diagnosed with highly activity relapsing remitting MS. I have had symptoms since I was 17 and only after the birth of my baby in August my main relapse happened. I have brain and spinal lesions, some which are inactive which shows I’ve had this for a while. I have good and bad days but I’m so terrified of the future :disappointed: I am due to start tysabri next month and I will, but I’m so scared of all the side effects. I was just wondering who’s on this what the experience is like, does it work well etc… thank you!

I have recently started on Tysabri and I have found the only side effect is that I have a headache for a few days! I have heard great things about this drug and that it works wonders. Hope everything goes okay with it :slight_smile:

Tysabri has been a wonder drug for me. I’ve been on it 10+ years now, no relapses during that time, and my MS feels no worse now than the day I started. I feel a bit better, actually, because freedom from disabling relapses means I have been able to make the most of life, something I was struggling to do. Now, I had spent the 10 years before that on Avonex, and had accumulated a fair bit of disability by the time I started Tysabri, and none of that is going away. But I do feel that it has given me my life back and bought me a decade of good years. The few years before starting had not been good years, not at all. I hope that it does a great job for you too and keeps you well and strong and lets you be the active and energetic parent you want to be.

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