If you get offered this then take it, its been wonderful, haven’t relapsed in the whole time, walking is more or less back to normal i have even been out dancing a few times, couldn’t even lift my right leg before. Ok side effects can be daunting but theres side effects with anything. I get headaches and memory can be bad sometimes but think thats MS in general anyway so could be that.

That’s great I have just started tysabri ,always wanted to go on it because of all the positive story’s I’ve heard,and regarding the side effects…hey ho…a bus might hit me tomorrow Gray

Exactly Hun, was talking to a bloke been on it 3 years hadn’t relapsed in all that time. He’s been tested positive for the virus could lead to pml but he said its working so well for me y would i give it up. tho i respect his decision i do have 2 kids so don’t know if i could take risk or not. But not going to worry about that now. X