hi just a quick post what does everyone think about tysabri is it any good are the risks worth it, im really unsure obviously because of the pml risk how long have people been on it etc,do the risks get higher the longer you are on it, and if you were asked to go on it and didnt want to how did your neuro,ms team react did they give you 1 of the others instead thanks heather xx


I’ve just started Tysabri, well, had my 2nd infusion. I had no bad side effects, felt mega tired the first time but I have to travel a 180 mile round trip to get it so was up v early? 2nd time I felt fine?

I have very aggressive rrms, so for me I find the risks are in effect ‘worth it’?

I’m awaiting the JC virus test, hoping it’s negative. But if not I don’t think it will change anything? I have a chance of my life back?

I;ve been on Rebif, and then LDN. Rebif was really good for 3 years, didn’t find any benefits from LDN, was not advised by my doctors, bit of a waste of money for me?

Hope you’re able to make your decision?

Take care,

Donna x