Hay Fever

It’s only for the last few years that I’ve suffered from hay fever. Very high pollen count and I’m wiped out for the day. Did some research online about hay fever and seems that clemastine fumurate is good as an anti-histamine - Yay, just what I need … …another site (Inc The Lancet) said that there are or were trials for using it to re-myelinate. Said it was looking good.

Wondering whether my hay fever and MS are connected or is it just Murphy’s Law that I’ve got both. Any of you brain boxes got any ideas?

Tippy x

I’ve had hay fever since the age of about 7. I don’t think MS and hay fever are connected at all.

Clemastine Fumerate does look positive, I don’t know whether in this case it being an anticholinergic is a good thing. With many drugs (eg Oxybutynin), the fact of being an anticholinergic is a bad thing (because of brain shrinkage!) it might be that in this case it’s a benefit since the aim is to affect the myelin, therefore crossing the blood brain barrier is required.

But it’s all positive. There are just more and more drugs being researched that will help the next generation particularly.


dimethyl fumerate is the proper name of tecfidera DMD.

clemastine fumerate is being researched for ms.

an over the counter anti histamine having such a side effect!

i so regret not having studied science.


i’ve had hay fever for 32 years, if only i’d taken this anti-histamine!

now my poor old brain is well and truly blown.

well done Tippy for finding this out.

going to have a cup of tea and calm down!


carole x

I’m another one with dreadful hay fever nothing ever seemed to work until I tried Azelastine nasal spray last year and oh wow what a difference that makes. Best of all no side effects.

I had hay fever for two years, just after I left home and moved to Reading. I’ve never had it since - but I am on Clemastine and Metformin now for re-mylination (see separate thread about this). Weirdly enough, whenever I had a wide-ranging blood test, I always had just one result out of the normal range and the doctors thought it was to do with an allergy (that I didn’t know I had). Once I started on the Clemastine, it went back into the normal range.