Been in bed for a month and now I get a cold

Yep here I am minding me own bussiness and outta the blue I get a cold. I have been sneezing and runny nose. I wouldnt mind but I am stuck here in bed and not mixing with anyone. Still if I didn’t have my usual ba luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Did you know I started out with nothing and by my own management and good fortune I still have most of it left. Well thats me reporting in for the day. Hope you are all better than me coz I feel utter crepe suzette

Could be hayfever! I never had it till I got MS and now I get it really bad!

Also, heard on radio, hayfever expected to be particularly bad this year because of the late Spring.

Hoppity you should write a humorous blog about MS!

I mean it!

Pat x (I also feel crepe suzette now… excitement over wheelchair has exhausted me…how sad is that…)

Sorry you’re feeling so rubbish Hoppity - Pat could be right, the hay fever season has started with a vengeance. Hope you get some relief soon! Teresa xx