cold - flue - allergy???

Hi everybody, I am down with a cold/flue bug: streaming nose, coughing etc the second time tis summer. It doesn’t feel like like a cold, somebody at the pool this morning suggested it could be an allergy (pool water? 5 cats?) any ideas what could help?

for me, going to the local swimming pool always resulted in a dose of the sniffles.

i avoid. just the smell of chlorine makes me feel like spending a week in bed.

I would definitely get the cats put down, although that’s nothing to do with an allergy and more to do with the fact I dislike them.


Maybe try an anti-histamine and see what happens.

I do love your little comments whammel, laughed xx

Hmmm…I would definitely get the cats put down> Whammel, this is definitely not an option! I love my cats! not going for a swim in the morning? equally impossible. I was thinking more wether antihistamines or antibiotics…maybe both …!!!

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I don’t think Antibiotics are any use for a cold. Try Antihistamines it could be pollen or something in the pool.

Jan x

Huh? Noooooo. Whammel, not kind.

Sue (aka chief slave to his majesty Monte the king of the local mousing fraternity)


Been to the doc’s this morning about a similar thing, although mine takes the form of a neverending sore throat/cough, more than a cold.

I’ve tried everything - lemsip, antihistamines, Gaviscon (in case it was acid reflux irritating it) - you name it.

Doc said it doesn’t look infected (I think it looks red).

She said she would refer me to ENT for an endoscopy if I wanted, as it could be a voicebox problem, which she is unable to see (she agreed I have a husky voice).

However, I am hospital phobic, so I enquired whether she thought it was likely to be anything dangerous, and she said very unlikely, no, given how long the symptoms have been present (they’ve flared recently, but I saw a doctor about them at least two years ago). In other words, if it was malignant, something worse should have happened by now!

So she didn’t think it was imperative I went to the hospital - I explained how my anxiety affects me, and that it makes the MS symptoms worse, so I was a bit reluctant if she didn’t suspect anything dangerous.

She said: “No, I don’t think it’s anything dangerous, but if you change your mind and do want it investigated, you can leave me a note, and I’ll happily refer you.”

I’d rather hoped to at least come away with some penicillin, in case I DO have an infection, as I’d like to give that a go before putting myself forward for an endoscopy.

I know antibiotics are over-prescribed, and we do run the risk of mass resistance, which is a serious problem. But I haven’t had any for anything in absolutely years, so I would have liked to give them ago, before trotting off to the hospital (or deciding not to, as the case may be).

Really fed up!

An itchy throat may seem like only a minor inconvenience, but I explained to the doctor I have a lower tolerance for these things since I got ill with something else anyway, and she understood perfectly how an apparently minor complaint could really get me down.

Really disappointed not to be treating it with something that works by tonight! Instead I’m no further forward with either explanation or solution.