"one activity that makes me truly happy"

Ok, I’ll start… All the usual family things but think about the one thing that maybe selfishly makes YOU truly happy. I’d be lying by the pool, at my villa in the heart of the Greek countryside, looking at the view over the mountains, listening to Mark Knopfler’s “Going Home”’ on my IPod, my hubby next to me holding my hand and smelling pine and charcoal grills being lit for the evening meal. Just the thought of it makes me relax and go, “aaaaaahhhhhhh”. On a simpler note, Christmas eve, hubby not working, carol service then bed on a cold winters night in clean fresh Egyptian cotton sheets. Catherine xx

I might have to be greedy and name 3…

  • Travelling on the open road - it can be France, Oz, New Zealand, USA - anywhere that’s beautiful, sunny and easy to drive from one place to the next to the next…
  • Walking on a cliff-top - wind in hair; the sea below; looking for dolphins - Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Pembrokeshire etc
  • On an everyday basis - playing my music in the kitchen whilst cooking, singing and dancing along.

Pure pleasure


Cooking, singing and dancing…all at the same time…go girl!!! Xx

At the risk of repeating myself - seeing a perfect pirouette :slight_smile: Ballet brings me a huge amount of joy.

There was a moment in the Opera House where joy mixed with sadness though. A contemporary piece, Sarah Lamb standing back right of stage on her own, with pairs dancing in various places around the rest of the stage. She did the most perfect, controlled, slow develope (where they put one leg in the air) and just held it here, absolutely still, her foot right up past her head height. Such a simple movement and yet stunningly beautiful. And in that moment of awe, I realised that I would never do anything even remotely that graceful again. The loss was piercing.

Apart from that… playing cards with my family (always a scream), lying by a pool with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, hearing my kids laugh, walking/wheeling through the woods on a beautiful summer’s day with the sunlight dappling through the branches, eating a really fantastic meal (that someone else has cooked!),… Oops! You said one?!

Karen x

PS A villa in Greece? You lucky girl!

Getting off the plane and seeing my darling boyfriend waiting for me.

Fresh sheets.

Hugs from my dutch friends who I dont see nearly often enough.

Laughing my arse off at something really silly.


apparently I fail at “One”… Ooops!

Snorkelling in the Red sea.


Watching my then fiance, now husband, performing on stage as part of the chorus at Glyndebourne. The whole Glyndebourne Opera experience is out of this world: the fabulous opera house, the amazing sets and costumes, the perfect professional performances, the glamourous dresses, the men in dinner suits, the Pims or champagne, the picnic at the interval, but most of all seeing my wonderful husband totally happy and in his element. Oh and spotting Stephen Fry there made it pretty great too!

Oh wow!! My hubbys daughter is famous and I get a real thrill from hearing who he’s met over the years. Elton John, Richard Branson, Anastasia, Steps, The Sugababes and so many others that I can’t remember…but my personal thrill was Steven Speilburg, Jon Bon jovi and Julia Roberts who were all visited the harbour in Greece that our villa overlooks, this year. Their boats were like nothing I’ve ever seen nor will ever know.

Who is your husband’s daughter? Can we all come to your Greek villa? You could turn it into an MS retreat. :slight_smile:

Oooh a business plan…it belongs to a Greek friend of mine. It’s in the hills over the harbour of Fiskardo in Kefalonia and is heaven on earth. Hubby’s daughter was part of a very successful 90’s band …but will leave you guessing!!

Your Greek retreat sounds Amazing! I love listening to the stories from my hubby and his friend over who they have met over the years, but they haven’t met anyone as famous as Elton John. Your hubby’s daughter sounds like she has some very interesting friends.

Well all i can say is that you all lead more exciting lives than me! LOL!!

Hello MrsH… or Mrs Halliwell? Nice to meet you!

I wish i could spice up my life!!!

Teresa. xxx

If I was held down to one, it would currently be visiting a Landmark Trust Property (they’re amazing, check them out! Unfortunately not very disabled friendly for the most part though.)

Other than that I’d have to say watching certain So You Think You Can Dance dancers (particularly Danny Tidwell) - they may not be the best technically (though Danny, Pasha and Anya are pretty spectacular), but it’s the programme that introduced me to dance really, and there is a whole lot of nostalgia connect to some of the earlier seasons.

Hi Teresa, Nice try!!! Nope…it was a mixed band. 3 girls, two boys. Made me laugh though. Xx

Hi Dagny I am ashamed to say, I have never heard of Landmark Trust properties…can you tel us a bit moe and which is your favourite please. We might plan a weekend away around one. And I’m afraid I’m a Brensan Cole girl!! Catherine xx

Bloomin iPad…it is supposed to read BrenDan Cole!!

I know you’re somewhere else right now, loving someone else right now…la, la, la…good job you can’t hear me singing :wink:

Oneish activity that makes me truly happy is plugging in my iPod and bopping away. When I’m not doing that, I love hanging out with the small people in my family as they give me such belly ache laughter and last but by no means least, larking about with my partner who is a bit bonkers and keeps me on my toes :slight_smile:


. The loss was piercing. You bought a great, big lump to my throat, that try as I might, took several minutes to go. Your descriptive power is beautiful. Xx

One for sorrow and two to love you… So close!!!