OH she say yesssss

Just finished a meeting with company’s occupational health and after going through GPs report and endless questions finally been cleared to return to work. Been off 6 months and still awaiting DX but honestly if you’d off asked me 3 mths ago I thought I’d never be even able to leave the house. Feeling great still have symptoms. But feeling great. Gray x

Great news gray! Know you’ve been itching to get back. Hope it goes well :slight_smile:

Thats brill news.......its a start to get your life back on track…however that works!

Will you be returning on a phased trial?

You take care now, y`hear?


Brilliant news. Are you on phased return? Axx

Yea phased return I work away from home used to leave home 2 am Monday morning to get to work in Norwich for 7.30 am now I have Mondays and Fridays as travelling days Just glad to try and get my life back Gray

congrats Gray, don’t work to hard.

Great news Gray, hope all goes well for you :slight_smile:

Good News! :slight_smile:

Take it easy tho

Sonia x

Thank you guys Gonna be a shock to the system been home for so long but looking forward to it always saw it as a massive goal when I first had this flare and didn’t think I would ever get there. Gray x

All the best Gray for your first day back.

That’s brilliant! Good luck xx

Really good news, Gray. At last! That surely calls for a celebration! Best wishes Jane xx

Yea jane Going to get my friends &family all out for a little return to work drink I don’t know how long this remission will last but I intend to try to get my old life back Thanks Gray xx

Great news and has given me some hope :slight_smile: