Return to work

Good afternoon everyone After some advice ( Again ) I have been home on the sick with this first and only flare, awaiting DX . I have a telephone meeting with my company’s ocupational health this week regarding a phased return ,there idea. I’m monthly salaried will I get full pay or reduced pay if working less hours. Also do I need a fit for work from my GP or the neuro . Quite daunting to go back but also very excited as feels like I’m getting back in control. Thanks for your time Gray xxxxx

Hi, I think your GP has to sign you off as fit for work…unless you have only been off for a week, on a self certify basis. Have you been diagnosed yet?

Good to read you are feeling ready to go back to work. At the OH meeting, you will probably have an opportunity to discuss possible alterations to make work easier/safer for you.

If you decide to reduce your hours and then find it is still too much for you, you could end up retiring on a lesser salary, should that happen.

Good luck.


Hi there, Glad you’re doing better :slight_smile: If OH organise a phased return to work, then it is without any loss of pay to you, you’d still get paid your normal hours even though you are working less for this agreed time. Your GP can issue your return to work Fit Note, where he has a space to state when he feels you are fit to return and any recomendations he has regards you going back, so he could support your phased return there too…Good luck! Jools X

Thanks as always guys Yea can’t wait to get back. I am not DX yet but nearly there, I am tempted to write a piece on the awaiting DX forum about what I have went through and what I was & thought I would stay like, to what I am now. I wouldn’t believe it was possible Thanks once again Gray xx

Hi again Gray.

I think posting a good positive look at the way things have gone for you, would help newbies.


It’s best to get a fit note from your GP recommending a phased return. Maybe get your GP to recommend what hours you do. You will receive your normal salary unless you change your contract.

Years ago when I was employed, I was referred to occupational heath and they agreed reduced hours - there was no salary reduction tho :slight_smile: Good luck with your return to work - Sonia x

I’ve had phased return before and got full pay Ax

Well had meeting with OH Very nice but won’t let me return until I have official DX from neuro. So now chasing him to get it Never thought I’d chase someone for something I didn’t want lol Really fed up . Want to get back to some sort of normality. Gray

I had full pay while I was on a phased return working less hours. Because it made such a difference I decided to stay on the lower amount of hours and changed my contract so I then received reduced pay.

Good luck.

Shazzie xx

Have been told cannot return until DX by OH But how do I stand if GP says fit for work , who has the final say Anybody help Thanks Gray

Bump! Sorry Gray, no idea but hope someone knows:)

I’m no sure wwhat happens if your dr says you can go back and the oh says you can’t. In regards toyour question about pay, I was only paid for the hours I worked when on a phased return. The rest of the time was unpaid leave. I had used up al my sick leave, wwasn’t that long really. I would have been so much better off with my company if I had a baby. Whic I tthink is unfair as you plan a pregnancy well most of the time. None of us plan getting this disease.