Phased Returns

Morning everyone Can anyone please tell me if my employer has to accept me doing a phased return to work and do I have any rights regarding this? He’s being a but funny about wanting me back “as full time as possible” which just isn’t going to be possible at first. Ive been on sick leave for a year. Thanks.

I would speak to your g.p…they can give you a fit note and tick the phased return box…although as I am writing this I am wondering if this means your employer would have to comply with the note?! Sorry not much help!! xx hope your employer see’s sense x

I have no idea either but thanks for your reply. I can’t see how he can expect me back full time after having a year off really?

Hi I’m pretty sure that your employer has to be reasonable regards your return to work.

might be helpful

Becky X

Might be helpful


Might be helpful


Anyone I work with that has been off work for a prolonged period of time comes back on a phased return. I haven’t been off for more than a week so I haven’t had to do this thank goodness. Have you got a occupational health dept?? We have to do it all through them.I don’t know if this a country wide thing or just because I work for the NHS.

No we don’t have occy health it’s a small concern unfortunately which I think is why they’re making it hard for me. Somebody has pointed me in the direction of equality act which states that the employer has to make reasonable adjustments to allow my return to work when disabled.

Yep…no matter how small a firm, they are duty bound to practice within the bounds of the equality act. Xx

My GP ticked the phased return box. I usually work full time. It worked out: One day week one back, two days week two back, three days etc It worked really well eased me back in gently which means I’m more likely to stay well at work. I work for the NHS!!! Hugs Min xx