Phased Return - Advice Please


I will be returning to work in a couple of weeks on a phased return. I had a meeting last week with Occupational Health who said I would be able to make up my hours with sick leave, so I wouldn’t lose any pay. Since this meeting, I have spoken to my Manager who said I should make the time up with my annual leave instead! I queried this with HR and they were also of the same opinion. Is this correct? I don’t really want to use my annual leave, as my children are young and I need to keep a few spare days.


Fizzy x

I think OH were right, this would come under reasonable adjustments

To be absolutely sure contact the EHRC above or ACAS

Agree with anon, I’m afraid.

As an ex manager in a charity run care home we used to use sick pay as part of the phased return.

My arguement was we would be paying you for doing nothing at home but this way we are paying you while we find out what you are able to do.

Sounds common sense to me and win win for both.


Totally…would that common sense reigned in the workplace !! Xx


i was signed off for 5 months and then went back on a phased return. My wages were paid as normal and i didnt have to use any holiday. If you are part of a union I would speak to a rep.



have you considered permitted work if thats an option?



Check the absence policy as it should state if sick pay or holiday is to be used. Most companies should use sick pay, they are supposed to be supporting you returning to work. I worked in HR for 10 years and I’ve always used sick pay, its a headache to work out at first for payroll purposes! Also check how much sick pay you have used, it might be that you have run out, if so is making the time up with statutory sick pay an option ? - you might need to check the rules for statutory to make sure you can do this. If your company are not being very helpful, have a copy of your contract, the absence policy and phased return policy (if seperate to absence policy) and phone Acas.

Good luck


I think your manager is being a filtered word. You PARTICULARLY need your annual leave entitlement when you are unwell and easing yourself back into your job, particularly when they know darned well that you have a busy family life to juggle too. What they are telling you is mean-spirited codswallop (not to mention deeply dispiriting and bad for your confidence and motivation) and I hope your Occupational Health doc (to whom I suggest you refer this matter) has enough clout in your workplace to put a rocket under the lot of them.

Good luck!



Thank you all for your replies and helpful information. I spoke to my Manager and it is ok for me to use sick leave and I agreed that I would use the annual leave that I have accrued while I have been off. I’m happy to do this, as I thought I would have lost it, especially since it was carry over that should have been used by now! Also, by using annual leave, my pay won’t be affected, as my phased return is over 2 months and I would be going on to half pay very soon.


Fizzy x

Good result !! Pleased for you. I’m dropping to half pay this month :frowning: