off certain foods

i seem to no longer want to eat spicy food, is this maybe a side line of MS or the Menapause which i think i am starting, hubby#s friend boked a thai restaurant and i want to throw up will need to call them and change to less spicy food

hi trish

my appetite has changed so much.

i used to eat so healthily but now i find that healthy food takes much longer for me to eat and the fatigue kicks in before i’m halfway through.

still love a curry but only a korma.

i’ve got trout for today with new potatos and watercress. i can just about manage that!

carole x

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Could be the menopause. My sister in law went completely off garlic and a couple of other things although she eats them in small quantities now, a few years later. I developed a taste for strong smelly cheese and extra mature cheddar although I preferred milder versions before.

don’t think it anything to do with m.s. or the menopause – I think our fondness/dislike for certain foods comes and goes and is just one of those things.

Years ago I could drink a pint of milk in one go - now can’t stand the stuff. Just one of those things!