Food/Ms /menopause

Hi everyone does anyone find if they miss a meal or have it late they start to feel bad, can’t focus on cutting up salad especially slicing toms and cucumber when making lunch, my son is diabetic so I know it’s not low blood sugar, any idea why this happens, does anyone one else have these problems of course it not be related to my Ms by maybe my menopause!

any advise would be welcome

Ann x

I get what you describe, my partner first noticed it when i was having a relapse,it is like a diabetic feels,as when i have eaten i feel better,i try to eat little and often to stop me feeling like this,as if i go too long between meals i feel very weak,maybe it has something to do with our blood sugar levels affected with the ms.because lets face it,what doesnt ms affect.

J x


It could be the menopause. i believe i am starting to go through it, went into mother in laws lasted five minutes had to leave due to heat and smell of candles , they insist in burning these strong smelling candles , was ok once i got into the cool . But have read this could be symptoms of menopause, I don’t have diabetes


hi ann

if i miss a meal i get angry!

the family know this and husband and sons have all said “somebody bloody feed her!!”

i’ve always been like that but it’s worse with ms.

a lovely friend comes to see me and always suggests we go for something to eat,

bless her cotton socks.

carole x

Hi Ann

I know what you mean too, I’m better when I eat little and often. My appetite is poor so I generally choose protein rich foods that keep me full for longer.


Carole my daughters just the same,if she does’nt eat at the right time,shes evil,

i often ask her when shes in a mood if she needs to eat.

J x

Hi Ann,

When I was first diagnosed, over four years ago, and still haunted these boards, one of the first pieces of advice anybody gave me was: “Don’t get cold, don’t get tired, don’t get hungry.”

I wish I could remember who said it, to thank them, as I have found it sound advice - though of course I disregard it at times, and pay the price - who doesn’t like to test the limits once in a while?

I’m not sure it’s specific to MS. I think that once you are ill - with anything - you can’t take liberties with your body as you used to. Traipsing around for hours without eating might have been OK before. It’s not now. Not great, but just the way it is.

Fortunately, out of all the things MS can throw at you, and all the conflicting advice there is about everything, this is one that’s not too hard to manage. Remembering that eating is important, and it’s not OK to skip meals on a whim, is a lot easier than some of the complicated regimes people subject themselves to. It usually doesn’t take a huge amount of forward planning to make sure you’re not overdue a meal.

(I’m probably peri-menopausal too, but I honestly don’t think that’s anything to do with it.)



I’ve always had this and with me it is because my blood sugar level drops. Even at school I always had something that I could snack on if I started to feel bad. So I never miss a meal - I just can’t. But it does make a difference what I eat - I can go longer if I eat certain things like high protein foods. High sugar foods like biscuits or bread are useless, the effect wears off after a couple of hours and I have to eat again.

It’s nothing to do with my MS or my age though because I’ve felt like this forever.


Thanks everyone for all your replys, I guess I will be back to snacking again, probably useful as I also have small appetite!

I did Google it and it does seem it quite well known for Ms ers to have lower blood sugars!


Try and snack on protein rich foods Smokey. It will keep your blood sugars more stable, plus you will feel fuller for longer. High sugar snacks will just leave you feeling hungry and craving the sugar hit.

Watch out for the hidden sugars.