Hi all, not been on here for ages. Any tips on how to live with hands going numb all the time? Driving me crackers!


i just got used to it!

nowt else to do really.

just be really careful not to burn or cut yourself.

carole x

It’s crap isn’t it. My right hand is kind of numb and pins n needlesy all the time. And permanently cold. My left hand isn’t much better.

I now type using my thumbs. The other day when I had a plaster on the end of my left thumb it was very difficult to use a touchscreen, and I can’t use any other type of keyboard.

One physio I asked about it a few years ago suggested improving the nerve conduction by alternately brushing the backs of hands and fingers in turn with something rough, and then with something soft. The aim is to improve feeling, especially on the backs of hands and fingers. I did it for a while. Didn’t really help, but then I think you have to be quite dedicated to doing it very frequently, rather than just when I remembered (in the end about once a week!) Might be worth a go though. (Try a nail brush and a soft toy.)