Numbness ..?

Hi, I’ve recently woke up with an odd feeling in both my hands. It’s not complete numbness as I still have feeling in them and can move them. A few days later I had the same feeling in my left leg. As only having numbness once before on the left side of my face the feeling is hard to describe. It’s almost as if I’ve held my arm straight up for too long and that feeling you get from a loss of blood flow. Has anyone experienced anything like this??? How long does this typically last for?? Thanks :slight_smile:

I have the same sensation in both hands. It was one of my earliest symptoms of MS, alhough I didn’t realise it then. When I exercise any part of my body, my hands will become tingly, so that if I am walking it feels as if the blood in my arms is pooling in my fingers. I can still use my hands when they feel like this, but any fine control has gone. My handwriting is pretty much rubbish now, but I find that it helps to sit and rest for a bit and the muscle control does improve.

My neuologist has told me another of his patients is on Modafinil and it is helping her hand movements. I tried Modafinil and it made no difference at all with fatigue, mental alertness (I think) or any other symptoms so I have stopped taking it.

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HI Erinc25

I have this every morning until I get going. It comes and goes throughout the day - sometimes worse than others. I cannot hold the phone to my ear for any length of time as it happens then as well. My arms and shoulders are my worst ms symptom as I always have pain and stiffness in them and just to touch my skin is unpleasant - not to say painful but tender. I have pins and needles in my feet more or less every day. The hand thing responds to a bit of movement for me, that makes it go away. My neuro originally said I had carpal tunnel syndrome but having splints to wear on my wrists did nothing for me so now they put it down to MS. Its unpleasant but goes away fairly quickly once I get moving around in the mornings…hope this might help you a bit.


Hi Erinc25,

Yep, I get that tingling feeling in my hands, feet and sometimes in my face. It gets worse when I’m stressed, hot (which is very often) and when I walk. No pain though and it eases when I relax and cool down.

Hugs. xx

I have this tingling / numbness in my right leg. Now spreading to arm and right side of face. Have a virus so hopefully it will settle back down. Had pins and needles (I hope) in left foot at the weekend. Freaked a bit in case it’s spreading. Worse when tired / after exercise / after sex / after hot bath or shower. Nothing really helps sadly. xx

Thanks everyone for your responses, it doesn;t seem to be getting worse which is a good thing. Hopefully with time it till go away…

Fingers crossed! Look after yourself. xx

Yes I have this. First relapse I had it from the waist down on one side and it faded over 6 weeks, second relapse it was both legs and that was two years ago, it has faded but not gone away and its worse when I exercise. You get used to it!