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Hi, I was diagnosed in September as having MS. My first episode started at the beginning of last year, I had a tingling and numb sensation in my small finger on my left hand, this then spread to my whole hand, arm, left side of my body and then took over the right side too. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before. When things touched my skin it didn’t feel as though it was my body, and I lost the strength in my hands, arms and legs. Since I have been diagnosed my feeling has returned to normal, the only thing that felt different was a tingling sensation that ran down my neck when bowing my head. The last week I have started to get the same feeling in my left hand as before. I don’t want to go straight to the doctors whenever I feel something strange. I have had a lot of pressure put on me at work the last couple of weeks so I have been tired and stressed. Could this be the reason I’m getting this sensation again? Can anyone advise me on what’s best to do? Thanks

Yes, stress and pressure can absolutely be a trigger. You will find that old symptoms can flare up as well as new things. It is always my left side affected too - eye, arm, leg, you name it! I remember once the whole of my left side went numb and tingly - even down to the left side of my nose (the right side was fine! Bizarre!) My advice would be rest, rest, rest and if it lasts a week or more then get in touch with your MS nurse who could prescribe a course of steroids. Time management, not overdoing things and getting plenty of rest are the three biggest things that you can do to help yourself. Avoid hot baths and get early nights too :slight_smile:

Forgot to say it’s your MS’s way of giving you a little kick to remind you to slow down. Have you discussed DMD’s with your nurse/neurologist? I would say it’s critical to get on something as soon as possible.

hi nattie

as tweacle says, ask about dmd’s.

meanwhile read up on what’s available so that you’re not given such a big choice on the last minute.

i’ve been on copaxone for 5 years and although a daily injection, now its part of my day.

avoid stress as miuch as possible and have a try at meditation.

i did the mindfulness meditation course and although i occasionally do it at home, i can now calm myself by breathing through it.

find your nearest ms therapy centre and make yourself a member.

these places are brilliant and offer loads of therapies at a subsidised rate.

take care and be kind to yourself

carole x

Hi and welcome to the support group.

Yes your body is telling you to slow down, RED WARNING lol.

Stress is the worse thing for MS, it can trigger pseudo exacerbations, sometimes goes for the first weakness you had i.e. your finger/hand.

Try and find a way to RELAX when you get stressed. I bought myself from meditation/music tapes they work lol.

Also gentle yoga or even swimming is a good way to relax, and it will do your muscles good, keep them toned.

Have you got an MS nurse, if not i would see if you can have one, then you can talk to them when you feel a bit off. Are you going to have any meds for your MS, DMDs etc?

I expect you had a load of tests, MRI, and stuff so the neuro should be able to advise you of the best course of treatment for you.x