Numbness with vision problems


Sometimes i experience numbness to my feet and legs and at the same time i can have vision problems. Not a loss of sight but a disturbance like things appearing (not floaters or stars). The numbness is mainly when relaxing and can be on one sire or sometimes both sides. It first started with stabbing pains in my feet and has moved to numbness with intermitent pain.

Does anyone else have anything like this?

Thanks Christine

Hi christine1,

I have RRMS and this is something I experience a lot.

I find it is worse when the weather is cold too.


Hi Tracy,

Its good to know im not alone with these strange symptoms. It still confuses me as to how two different nerves are involved at the exact same time. At first i thought it was a fluke but they happened together too many times.

Hi Christine,

I think it was on this very forum that I was told of the phrase MY mark, as in its always different for each person. Do you have access to an ms nurse, as they are really helpful in discussing these issues, as well as this forum of course!

Best of luck, fluffyollie xx