Coincidence or not


Last night i was experiencing numbness in my legs and at the same time i had vision changes, my eyes had in front of them flashes of lights and objects appearing from nowhere. I have also had flashing lights when moving my eyes, i have noticed it more when i have been walking.

Maybe the numbness and vision changes have nothing to do with each and just happened at the same time.

Has anyone had the two things happening together.

Thanks Christine

Hi Christine do read my blog on the subject at

hope that helps, I’ve had the same thing,

All the best Amazon lady

Thanks Amazon lady,

Can i ask you if you experienced the leg numbness at the same time as vision changes, it seems odd to me that my legs could affect my eyes or the other way around.

Hi Christine

Were you very tired when this happened? My eyes play games with me when I’m tired, sometimes blurring, seeing double or funny flashes of light. My body also gets weak, twitches and does silly things.

I would see an optician though about any changes in your eyes, it’s really important and rather be over cautious than leave it. It may be nothing but ms can affect your eyesight. My optician suspected ms before my dx which surprised me.

Take care

Cath x

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Hi Christine

Like Cath, mine are always worse during evening, can’t focus too well, sometimes coloured lines and also out the side of my eyes I keep thinking I see something moving, but there’s nothing there.

Best to get it checked though, you can’t be too careful when it comes to your eyes.

Pam x

Thanks Cath,

Yes its is mainly when im tired and trying to get to sleep, its the same with the crawling sensations and other odd things they seem worse when tired.

Thanks Christine

Thanks Pat,

Thats exactly what happens with me, i think iv seen something jumps out, sometimes this is also from the side.

Thanks Christine

I’m forever thinking a mouse is running just at the edge of my sight. At least now that I have a cat I know it’s most unlikely to be an actual mouse!

Pat xx

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hi all i was really surprised to read these posts, i thought i had finally lost the plot . for the last few days i kept thinking that someone or something was follw…ing me as i could see something strange in the corner of my eye but when i turned to look there is no one there. but maybe this is an explanation. Thank you

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Hi Christine,

I have the double vision, the flashes, spiders and mice that run around the periphery of my vision, like the others it’s always worse in the evening.

With regard to the crawling, itching, sore patches that aren’t really there etc, I used to suffer quite badly with these but a few months after starting LDN they went. I had to stop LDN for a while in order to take morphine and all the sensations came back so I was very happy to stop the morphine and be able to take LDN again.

Take care,

Nina x

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Everything is so much worse on an evening when relaxing, it’s as if the sensations and pains have permission to run riot to remind us they are still there. As if we could ever forget.

Jan x


Seeing a mouse would terrify me but i know what you mean

Yes i wonder why ot affects the outer part of vision

Most of my odd sensations occur in the evening confuses me, at the start i thought it was because i was laid down now i realise its related to tiredness.

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