Is there a connection?


I asked this question before and received some helpful replies. The question was regarding foot and leg numbness at the same time as experiencing vision problems, mainly in the way of objects appearing. I have noticed the numbness and vision issues can happen exactly at the same time almost like moving up from my feet and legs to my eyes if this makes sense.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks Christine

Sorry Christine, I’ve never noticed a connection. My vision is worse when I’m tired and my other symptoms just come and go with no real pattern that I’m aware of. Like most people I’m sure, I feel at my worst when I’m tired, run down or unwell. That’s not to say that there isn’t a connection for you - when the nervous system is affected all sorts of complications appear.

Someone else may see a connection but I don’t, hope you get more feedback to compare what happens in the rest of the member’s cases. Take care

Cath x

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Hi Christine,

I have various vision problems, including objects appearing in my peripheral sight, but I’ve never noticed that I get numbness at the same time.

As Cath has said we are all slightly different but if it’s worrying you perhaps you could speak to your neuro?

Take care,

Nina x

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Hi Christine, the connection might be when you are very tired, stressed or when you are hot. My symptoms all get worse when tired, stressed or hot (or tired AND stressed AND hot!).

Try to listen to your body and work out what’s going on to the cause symptoms suddenly appearing together. The longer you live with symptoms, the better you get at pinpointing what’s causing the problems.

Take care,

Pat xx

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Hi and thanks everyone,

Yes im taking more notice of symtpoms to pass to neuro. Numbness to legs and feet worse when im trying to get to sleep when i hav noticed vision problems. However they can occur on their own so like you have said it could be related to tiredness.

I wonder why numbness is common when trying to rest, iv read alot of people have this? also odd sensations worse when resting.

Thanks Christine

I find that the numbness happens when lying down and standing up. I just assumed it had to do with my lower back (before diagnoses) So I always raise my knees when lying down or bend when standing. I have always had vision problems so not sure what is MS and what is my “normal”

My hands are ALWAYS numb and tingling. NO relief has been found. Any tips???

Hi LS. Have you any problems with your neck or suffer muscle spasms either there or in your shoulders, as that’s a very common cause for numb or tingling fingers? It could be the ms though, or numerous other things. May be worth seeing the gp or your Neuro, sometimes we write too much off to ms.

Please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

Hello LaceScorpio,

Glad to meet you. The discomfort you described is Neuropathic Pain. There are several drugs for this Amitriptyline, Gabapentine, Pregabaline. See your G.P. Or preferably someone who understands MS. Do you have a MS specialist nurse?

Just don’t tell them I said anything. They can be a bit precious about laymen (and women) treading on their patch. As someone said in another part of the Forum, we ARE the specialists.