Nightime numbness


I dread going to bed as the numbness to my feet and legs is terrible, adding to that i now have crawling sensations mainly on my legs and arms. More recently my bedding touching my skin can make my legs feel numb.

I was wondering if anyone knows why these symptoms are worse when at rest? or ar they just more noticeable.



I wonder if normal tiredness is a factor.

Like you, my right foot is often at its most numb at bedtime and I regularly feel strange sensations around the area of my right ankle, not dissimilar to imagining ants crawling. It feels almost as if my nerve endings are exposed to the elements.

By the morning I am back to what now counts as normal. I have always put it down to the vagaries of living with MS.

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Hi, I have a hell of a lot of pain in my heels, when the touch the bedding. I have to have them propped upon a pillow. But the pillow softens and my heels once again touch the bed and hurt…more the right than the left.

I also raise the knee break on my profiling bed, jut a little to alleviate the heels.

But then, this can cause another problem…if my bladder is raised to much, it wont drain into the catheter/bag. This can cause by-passing.

Tell you, we can`t win for losing eh?

I can sometimes get a tight knd of numbness on the tops of my feet too, when in bed. I just cant understand why something that`s numb can cause pain???

Eee, the stuff we have to endure, eh?


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Tiredness and like most things they feel worse during the night…

You have to laugh dont you…just when you think oh no not another night of numb feet and legs you get a break from that and the spiders are back or if not them objects are appearing from vision.