Ms seems less probable to me

Hi everyone,

Iv posted a few times for advice on my symptoms which has really helped me.

One of my concerns has been numbness to my feet and kegs which is worse at rest. At the same time as the numbness my vision has been affected and now i am getting either a fast heart rate or missed beats at the exact same time

I am thinking its more to do with blood supply than ms.

Have any of you experienced this with ms or other conditions.

Thanks Christine,

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Hi Christine; same thing (numbness) happens to me, especially after rest and in cold weather. Now is not a good time of year!

What seems to help is drinking plenty of water and trying to stay as active as possible.

Hope things get better for you.

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Thanks clicker pigeon,

Can i ask you if you expereince heart papls and vision problems at the same time as numbness. Iv not come across this before on here hence im thinking possibly not ms.

Thanks Christine

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Hi Christine. I get the fast heart rate and light head but I think they’re related more to my medication than my ms. The numbness I attribute to ms though. Neurological disorders have very varied symptoms and that’s one of the reasons that they take so long to diagnose and treat. Rather than tests to say you have a condition they rely a lot on ruling things out.

Many things can cause a fast heart rate (and this often causes the light head) such as stress, a virus or infection, anaemia, high intake of caffeine (usually coffee or energy drinks have high levels) and many other things. It might be worth a trip to the gp to rule anything else out before you let it worry you for too long. Many women become anaemic if they’re still within their child bearing years, a simple blood test could rule this out.

I’m not saying it definitely isn’t a result of ms but it could also be something easily treated. Please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

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The numbness in your feet and legs especially at rest is very familiar. And, I’ve just had to get up early because I couldn’t stand the ‘tingles’ that often go with it.

Thinking about the palps, in the early days before diagnosis I had the odd short spells of these which I found scary and worrying. It is hard trying not to worry about new and/or strange symptoms. But, it is important to discuss them with a medic or MS nurse who may be able to advise if these are related.

Even the visual difficulties can be intermittent. If I’m very fatigued I find I can’t focus properly. And sometimes ‘see’ things in my periferal vision.

More questions than answers as usual. But, we do understand as MS is such a varied condition with no two folks exactly the same only similarities over time.

This may not help but do continue to share worries. What is it they say, Á problem shared is a problem halved’. I find this so.

Regards, Anne


Hi Min,

Yes i will let you know the outcome.

Been to private endo today regarding my thyroid condition…so very different and felt confident in his approach so may have to see private neuro.


Thanks Anne,

Yes it does help me sharing my worries on here even if answeres raise more questions,

When i read about Ms symptoms it mostly says that normally one leg or one arm is affected at a time yet the numbness in my legs and feet at rest is often both of them.



Hi Christine,

What you must not do is think that all your symptoms are MS related. Any GP worth their salt will not mind you wanting to talk to them as often as you need to. I quoted from the Hippocratic Oath yesterday on another thread. Here it is again:

“I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.”

It’s that part,“warmth, sympathy, and understanding”, that we ALL need. (are you listening at the back there?)

If your GP doesn’t have that, then change your GP. We changed ours about 4 years ago just because the one we had didn’t have those qualities. It made all the difference to Gill and me.