I feel so alone :(

About 3 months ago my left arm went numb for about a week. Then one night in the shower this suddenly spread to my left lower back and my right arm. I went to bed after the shower and the next morning the numbness was just in my left arm again. This permanent-type numbness then disappeared and since then numbness seems to randomly come and go in different parts of my body but more recently is mostly in my face/nose/forehead. It always returns in the shower but is reduced if I open the bathroom window wide and be as quick as possible.

However my most concerning symptoms started about 2 months ago and these are dizziness and slight vision loss near the centre of my vision in both eyes (but slightly different places in each eye but one spot overlaps both and I see it with both eyes open now). The dizziness comes and goes and seems to be worse at weekends when I’m not working for some reason (more exercise? outdoor activities? long periods in car? more sleep?). However the vision problems are always constant with no let up and are gradually getting worse. This is really worrying me now. It’s got to the point that I can barely read if I close my right eye and the other eye is getting worse too. The blind spots differ depending on what I’m looking at - sometimes grey patches and sometimes flashy spots. If I stare at a blank wall I may not notice them at all.

The annoying part is that I’ve had an MRI, MRV and a lumbar puncture and all came back fine. An opthamologist has had a look at my eyes and done a scan (not sure what of) and says he can’t find anything wrong. A seconf opthamologist said the same thing. It’s only the field of vision test that indicated anything wrong. They say all these negative results are a good thing which in some ways they are but my problems are worsening and I’m not being treated.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated. I’m going back to the eye hospital on the 24th - I know they will tell me again that nothing is wrong but if there’s anything I can ask for or say to them would be greatly appreciated.

I forgot to say that I mentioned the possibility of anxiety (I don’t generally suffer from this but had a challenging couple of weeks before my symptoms started) but they ruled this out as they said the blind spots would not be constant.

I also get frequent pain in both of my eyes (one at a time) and then they start watering afterwards. Sorry for the many posts - I keep remembering more things :S

Ive just commented on another post you wrote you 88girl.

In my limited belief, ON is diagnosed on examination of the eyes. Mine was seen immediately, so maybe something is going on with your eyes? I think I would be insisting on a referral to a neurologist if I were you, as you are obviously very worried, and you may get some answers.

Good luck and take care of yourself

Paula xx