Numbness & shoutout to Boudica

Hi folks how does or did anyones numbness start as some of you know i hit a wall last weds and came down to earth with a thump i now have a numb thumb on Sat then on Sun it was thumb and index finger and now today its thumb index and middle and the ring finger is starting to feel weird and to make a fist the joints dont hurt but seem painful/achy knew you guys would be the 1’s to ask also a shout out to Boudica late last night i saw a posting where you had commented and said about knitting some woolies for us bikers but typical search function i cant find it again and didnt reply at the ttime missed it somehow :slight_smile: yes that would be a great idea seen as it seems our summers over :slight_smile:

respect Sean

Hi, my numbness just seemed to be there when i woke up one morning. Didnt notice that mucgh untill i went to write something for work and couldnt. It got worse, but funny as well, you have to laugh, if i helpd a cup of tea or anything id have to look at my hand. As long as i was looking at it i was able to use it, when i looked away i could not see what it was doing or feel what it was doing. So would tip tea everywhere, or drop something. The worst waa it started fewling like my fingers were contorted, all bent back etc but when i looked at it it was just fine. then it. Got better. I did get some injuries, so do becarefull. When chopping if your close to yiur finger or start to nick it you stop, but with no feeling youjust chop on. Work banned me using the axe! Hope your gets better soonm


Hi, nope sorry, it wasnt me who said anything about knitting…?


Hi,it started on my hands then my feet and legs then my chest and stomach an when that’s started to ease I got it in both arms,my arms eased off a bit then went up the peak again and my hands got better but my left is very uncomfy again.:0)

My first numb patch was on the back of my right thigh (only noticed it when I sat on a cold toilet seat!) but as I had slipped on the stairs and bounced down 5 steps on the bottom of my spine, I just put it down to that. It was about 8 yrs before I was DX. Over the years I have had lots of " numb" episodes, in most of my body at one time or another, but they have always got a lot better if not completely. My right leg is my biggest and most persistent numb problem and, thankfully, my hands have always recovered well. I always feel that “numb” is a bit of an odd term as even though there is a loss of feeling it can be very painful as well but I can’t think of a better term!

Yep defo a tad weird pain in my knuckles and yep weird pain but not pain down through my fingers but noticed it today big time when i went to try and play my guitar and i do mean try :slight_smile:

respect sean

Yep boudica it was an old post where someone was holding knitting morning classes 2013 i think and i hadnt replied felt bad when i found it accidently last night for not replying :slight_smile: