Numbness moving up


The first time i experienced numbness it was in my feet that then moved up my legs. Now it reaches my stomach area and bottom area. Its not totally numb more like a tight bandage around me maid worse if for example my legs are touching the bed.

Im concerned that the numbness will involve the whole of me at some point and will never stop.

Has anyone else experienced this type of numbness.

Thanks Christine

Yes. This kind of numbness was my first ever attack that led to my diagnosis. They told me I had transverse myelitis. The numbness stopped at my bra line (basically the lesion was at bra line level so everything from there down was affected). But like you say, it wasn’t total numbness, it was more like bands of numbness. I had 3 days of IV steroids and it did eventually get better but it took several months for me to get back to normal. If it was to happen again I think I would decline the steroids, they are horrible and they can be worse than what your dealing with. Patience is key in this situation. Rest up and wait for recovery. Lisa x

I had this too when I was first diagnosed. Its horrible going to the loo when you have no proper feeling. Mine went up to just above waist height and then rescinded but I have been left with a numb band around my middle. I forget what its like now to have normal feeling in that bit.

Take care hun

JBK xx

Hi Lisa,

Is TM where a lesion is totally across the spinal cord.?My neuro has said i have damage to my cord either from ms or an infection.


The bottom numbness seems to be more permanent with me but the leg numbness comes and goes and worse when pressure is applied, even light pressure like bed clothes.

it was the situation which prompted my diagnosis.

started in my hand; then in my waist; then in my foot. each area spread until it joined up, but stopped short at my chest. for this i was very happy! i think i might have lost it had i felt it creep up my neck to my face.

the point to note, is that this all happened only on my right hand side. then it started in a similar order on my left hand side.

but luckily, after a period of about 5 or 6 weeks from the very beginning of this relapse, it began to subside all by itself and my left side only went as far as my hand.

the only lingering remnant of it almost two years later, is my right hand is fuzzy; kinda like pruned skin from being in the swimming pool for too long.

typing, writing, putting on gloves etc were tricky. if my eyes were closed, i wouldn’t have been able to tell you what my fingers were doing. but tried to adapt and overcome.

another aspect of all this, was walking would result in a sense that tight bandages had been applied around my knees. similarly if i wiggled my fingers, it would feel like my knuckles were being inflated from the inside out. of course no such thing was happening and although it felt that mobility was being impaired, my range of motion was never inhibited.

i chose to use ‘mind over matter’;

i didn’t mind it, so it didn’t matter!

good luck. it will improve. it will not last forever!


I can relate to alot of your symptoms especially the tightness around the knees and the sensation like being in water too long. Mine started at the end of last summer and has progressed since then.It only affects mobility when my feet feel like im walking on added shoes if that makes sense.

Thanks Christine

oh yes… it makes sense.

and it’s not ‘numb’ numb… i can still sense heat and pin pricks etc… but if i run my finger tips over different textures… i might perceive a difference, but quantifying the change, ie. sensing the subtleties is impossible.

your brain is receiving information as to what is going on… but it is muffled… like only part of the data is coming through.

that pesky demyelination!

Yes I believe so. But only an MRI would be able to confirm I guess.

You could take lisaC’s comments as mine (apart from the bra line, of course).
The (private) neurologist had my GP run a whole series of blood tests, and wanted me to have a course of B12 injections.

These were painful (GP halved the number and doubled the dose, but after the third one I was walking reasonably well if a little slowly. Then I had to go to a NATO conference in Prague, and found that I could cope with the cobblestones in old Town fairly well. Came back not looking forward to the last two injections.

I had a (private) MRI and still have the prints, then it was two more (NHS) MRIs and an LP, and the diagnosis became RRMS.
The lovely neuro had referred me to himself at the NHS hospital.

I have been numb from mid chest down to my toes for about 18 months. Feels very odd, like my trousers are stuck to my legs. My feet ache a lot at night too, but Gabapentin seems to be helping a bit.

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I too have the numbness. Started in my feet six years ago. Went up to my waist. It has gradually gone away but my lower legs are still numb. Can feel heat and cold but not much more. My feet are very painful all the time. Makes walking g difficult. Night time is a nightmare with my feet. My legs are now feeling g like I have over tight bandages on them. Oh the joys of MS !! Anne

The tight bandages and tight trousers is just how it feels foe me.

Some news since yesterday when i was diagnosed with ppms. It was not a shock but it took me by surprise if that makes sense.

Thanks for all your ongoing support.


Sorry to hear your definite diagnosis Christine. I know you’ve been expecting it, but still actually hearing the words takes you back a bit.

Btw, sometimes I describe the feelings in my legs as being like wearing woollen scratchy trousers, as though my legs have gone back in time to the 1970s and my mum’s put me in some cheap tweedy trews! And sometimes like wearing super tight bandages. And often my feet feel like they are sunburnt. Generally one foot is boiling hot and the other is frozen. Strangely they switch places, sometimes the left is frozen and the right hot, and other times it’s the reverse.

Dratted stupid nerves.


Hello, i’ve just come across this site as I am trying to work out what is wrong with me!! i woke up 3 weeks ago with an altered sensation in my bottom, my legs and my feet on both sides of my body. Within that first week the sensation moved up to my stomach area - just as described above and stopped “under the bra line”.

I had a similar sensation that started in one foot then moved to the other two years ago, in went away after a few months but is now back a lot worse.

I have been for a spinal MRI which was clear and am now waiting for a appointment with a neurologist.

I don’t think i have any other symptoms, maybe tiredness and a bit of lower back ache but i have a young family! i can also be prone to IBS like symptoms.

I am fearful that it is ms, can anyone offer any advice? is there anything i can do to relieve my current symtoms i am going out of my mind and i’m feeling so low about it all.

Thanks - realise this is an old post and i hope all the original posters are well!

Louise x