Can anyone help

I was diagnosed with ms in 2010 I suffer from numbness from the waist down,I have had this problem since 2007 which i have almost every day it hasnt gone away since 2007.Also the last year or so fatigue I had a very small relapse last year in which I stayed in hospital.I just would like to know of people’s experience with ms or if there symptoms are similar to mine.As it seems for the past 6 years nothing has really changed even though it is not nice living with the symptoms day in day out,and it limits me to doing certain things.I also read somewhere I can’t remember where but as my legs have been affected for so long that they would be the first thing to go is this true.Dont get me wrong i am grateful nothing else has really happened. Thanks in advance for help.

I’m sorry I don’t really know the answer. I have sensory symptoms in my right leg but they have only spread slightly in 5 years. I take a high dose of Vitamin D to try to keep major relapses at bay - so far so good. Like you I also suffer from fatigue, probably has more effect on me than my leg. No-one really knows how any one individual will progress but then no-one knows what the future holds either with or without MS. Take care. xx

When i am in relapse i am numb from the waist down and can be like it for months. when out of relapse i do not have the normall sensation below the waist but is much better then when im in relapse. i was diagnosed in 2007 and had lots of relapses all with numbness and also vertigo and fatigue. But for the last 2 years have had no relapses. I do ahve problems getting my words out correctly and have a slight tremor when writting. Also have a bad memory which is worse now but it has never been great.