Numbness in lower half of body

I am in ‘limbo land’. Have been having motor and sensory & visual problems since 2004 but as of 2009 didn’t have any lesions - therefore no diagnosis. I have tested positive for oligoclonal bands and in the EP tests so combining this with my symptoms my neurologist has put down as having ‘probable MS’.

I have had numbness/altered sensation from the navel down since the 6th August and am hopefully seeing my neurologist this week.
I can feel pressure from the waist down, but don’t have any sensation if that makes any sense.I can walk, but it is constantly uncomfortable and the longer it goes on, the more unsettling it gets. At the moment I’m off work (school holidays!) and it is bearable but really don’t want to have to return to work with this and am also worried that I might not get normal feeling completely back.
Has anyone else had this? How long did it last? Did you completely recover from it? Did you get treatment or did you just wait for it to pass?

Any feedback at all on this would be great!
S x