Numb thighs and painful heels

Hi All,

I have been diagnosed since 2013 and fairly healthy since thankfully. I am on plegridy injections. I seem to have developed a permanent numb feeling (not describing it well) on my thighs as the outter sides of both. It doesn’t restrict my mobility other than strange feeling here and there. My nurse said because the same symptoms are on each side it was unlikely to be ms.

I have also developed very painful heels when I walk on bare feet but not when I wear shoes, although after walking in shoes for a while my heels starting hurting then too. Again, ms nurse said doesn’t sound ms related either.

Just looking to see if anyone has had similar symptoms and has any ideas to help?

thank you

I have serious heel pain in bed…have to have a pillow under my calves. If my legs slip off the pillow and my heels touch the bed, they scream in revolt. Its orrible. Sorry I cant offer any useful advice.