Numb lips and face is it a relapse ????? Help

Hi everyone, For the last three days, half of my lips go numb and the side of my face. I also feel like my ears are blocked. Just feels strange. Could it be a relapse ??? Any help would be appreciated thanks.

that sounds like bell’s palsy. i had it at 17. my boss told me to go home and stay off for a week. mum thought i’d had a stroke and said to put my shoes and coat on because she needed me to go somewhere with her. it was the doctor’s! i was prescribed thiamine (vitamin B1). then she took me for lunch. i couldn’t keep my food in my mouth and as it was very hot ended up with a blister! fast forward to age 50 and it was one of my first symptoms of ms. so, yes, it could be a symptom. don’t panic though, as it will go away. i still get a droopy face if i’m very tired or if i’m drunk. see your gp to confirm my diagnosis.

I get numb patches on my face, lips and tongue most days when I wake up for a couple of hours, or when I’m tired or stressed. I spoke with my neurologist about it and he suggested it could be a remnant of a past relapse.

Best bet would be to keep a note of how often it occurs, how long it lasts and if you’re concerned give your MS Nurses a call.


I’m currently experiencing something similar. I have an electro-shock feeling in my face, particularly behind my eyes and on my tongue. I’m waiting on MRI results, but suspect that’s it’s related to my current inability to taste and suspected relapse. I’d say keep track of when it’s happening, if anything triggers it and how long it lasts so that you can bring that to your neurologist or MS nurse

Dear All, I have RRMS and one of my early relapses was numb lips for about five days. This subsided. About a year later my whole face went numb for a couple of weeks and I have regained about seventy percent normality. I wasnt offered steroids because my neurologist prefers to use them only in an emergency.

so yes, it could be a relapse. Rest well and avoid stress. Tell your ms nurse/neurologist and take professional advice.

take care, much love Ali

Yep, numb teeth aswell if that makes sense, I can chew but just can’t feel anything chewing. Pot luck each day, is it numb toe, numb finger, or the weirdest one numb head as in touching my hair and head but can’t feel it through my fingers? Wooo, that tends to only last a day before something else daft happens. Today it was numb right little toe which preferred to be on planet zog instead of doing what is was supposed to do today.

could be a relpase.I’ve had similar.