November the first


just a quick late word because we appear to be short of any posts or comments on this day. Today we got in a babysitter and went out for a meal for the first time in ages. It was wonderful; it was in a local gastro pub and I had no toilet issues. They even had a ramp for me to go in via the side door. It was just like normal people. Hooray.

Best wishes, Steve.


It’s the little (huge) things that keep us happy. Try somewhere new every week/month and write a wheelchair friendly guide for your local MS group. Then you can come up here and do one for my MS group…or would that be expecting too much of the babysitter

Glad you got a night out with your other half, specially as it went without a hitch.

Jan x

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I’m going out with the family today for pub meal… really hoping there’s a ramp! Makes such a huge difference… yep makes us feel like normal people… lol…

Have a good Sunday everyone… raining in London.

Pat xx

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