MS updates!

MS Updates! - Just a little update about progress on my Ankle pin, Suprapubic catheter, Electric bed, Weight loss, Facial hair and possible Weekend away. Read more

Hope you like my recent post, and find it informative. All the best Deborah

Great blog AL. Lesion generated mistakes… lol… I know what you mean!

Pat xx

Great blog as always Deborah!

Nina x

Hi Deborah,

I know the feeling of anxiety about going away for the weekend. I don’t have a catheter but I have urgency and the thought of travelling with a dodgy bladder fills me with anxiety but I bit the bullet this weekend and we went to Edinburgh to visit our youngest daughter. My husband has been needing a break for a while but I kept putting it off.

I was more than happy to sit in the flat reading and watching tv while my husband and daughter went out but no, my daughter had different ideas. She is very organised and a bit bossy so you do what you are told. We went to the Botonic gardens where she had booked a wheelchair and I must admit it was the best wheelchair yet. I could have taken it home with me.

She then took us on a drive to the sights we haven’t seen for a while. Then she took me back to the flat so my husband could do his own thing.

The whole weekend was lovely she made sure I had plenty of rest but she made sure I could be included in everything. What a star she is!!

We finished off our weekend having lunch at a hotel overlooking the Forth Road Bridge before saying goodbye and heading up the road.

Needless to say I feel rubbish today but it was worth it.

Mags xx

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Hi ladies thanks for your comments.

Mags I’m so glad you had a good time in Edinburgh, I think some times it’s us that puts obstacles in our way, I sure if we plan, and know where we are going, and for how long we could cope, but sometimes we just need someone to push us, anyway I will let you all know how the weekend goes.

all the best Deborah

A great blog again. Well done with the weight loss. I’m trying to lose as well and spoke to my dietician who said I’m doing the right things, my mobility and meds make it more difficult. My Gabapentin seems to make me hungry all the time so I’m trying to eat more porridge (which I’m not very keen on) instead of toast as it’ll fill me up for longer. The things we have to do!!

Take care.

Cath x

Hi Cath, just want to say that when I eat porridge I always get hungry very quickly afterwards. Don’t know why and don’t know if it’s the same for everyone.

I find muesli much more filling and is still very good for you and has oats in. Make sure you get one without added sugar or salt.

I have it every morning with fruit on top… usually blueberries or strawberries… and keeps me going till lunchtime. If I’m too unwell in evening to fix something to eat and I have it then too.

Might be worth a try.

I also found Gabapentin made me hungry all the time. Eventually I came off it and went on Amitriptyline… although I still have a problem with weight.

Pat xx