Notifying DVLA of RRMS

Hi all, I have been advised that I need to advise DVLA of my dx. Please can any1 tell me whether I need to physically return my license (both parts) with the CN1 form or only if they request it? Many thanks Tracey

Hi Tracey (nice name btw :wink: )

I didn’t return my licence with the form. It can take the DVLA several months to make a decision about your licence and in that time you are still allowed to drive. You may want to travel abroad, hire a car etc or just use the licence for ID so I hung on to mine. They will ask for it when their investigations are complete. Standard procedure is to send you a 3 year licence (providing you don’t tell them your medication makes you drowsy or confused).

Tracey x

Have not seen form CN1 before although my wife who has MS has been though several declarations over the years.
If you do not get an answer from someone who actually knows the answer then I suggest you fill in the form honestly and return it on its own and leave for DVLA to ask for your licence if they want it. I say this because look at the form on line and could not see any request for your licence to be returned with the form.
DVLA tend to be slow and bureaucratic but they do not seem to unreasonably cancel licences for medical grounds unless they feel you are really very unfit to drive.

Hi Tracey (RD34)

You will be asked to return your licence, but don’t do it
Same reasons as Tracey (Elmo) gave.

Once you have a 3-year licence, the big wodge of forms you get for renewal has one that allows you to retain the licence if it has less than three months to run


Hello Tracey

MS is one of the conditions that you have to inform the DVLA of. You can download the form from their website…the return address is on the form.

You don’t need to send in your licence. Just answers the questions honestly.

Mine was revoked but I’d already stopped driving. I knew myself I wasn’t safe to drive.

Good luck

I didn’t know we had to do this. I’m a bit worried about that. :frowning:

Mel x

Just download the form now and send it in. You won’t be the first person to send it in some time after diagnosis. We only become aware of these things when someone tells us. Some of us have good neurologists who remember to tell us these important details …

When it comes to medication, be honest about what meds you take but if you are aware that you are sometimes unfit to drive then say so and tell them that you never drive when you are aware that it is unsafe to do so. Many of my tablets say they can cause drowsiness or confusion but I didn’t drive when I first took them and now I’ve been on them a while they don’t affect me. If you say your medication does make you drowsy or confused and don’t qualify that with a further statement then you will probably lose your licence.

Obviously if you know you are unsafe to drive at all times then it is safest to revoke your licence.


Form all filled out, :slight_smile:

Once you have declared your illness to the DVLA - and they will take ages getting back to you as they can ask your GP for more information. Depending on what meds you are on, they are usually very reasonable and will send you a 3yr license - and possible do this again for another 3yrs. Do not worry about it. l have had ms for 31 yrs - and l still have my license.

Now when you apply for insurance for driving your car - you can just tick the box that says DVLA lnformed re your disability. Never had any problem with this - and never charged any more either. lf you don’t inform the insurance company you could find they will not cover you if you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident - whether its your fault or not.

lts always best to be up front - and of course never drive if you are not feeling too good.

Thank you so much every1. Form now sent. License kept in my possession until requested. ;-))x