DVLA and loss of C1/D1

Partly a rant partly a question. I did check many other threads but couldn’t see anything that covered this.

Dx late 2016 and after finding my own MS Nurse I was told by her I would need to notify DVLA. I was a bit miffed about this but she told me that it would probably mean just dropping to a shorter renewal period.

I duly notified DVLA and after 6 months they finally tell me that I have to go to a 3 yr renewal. I was quite shocked by this as I was expecting 5 yrs. Oddly though my first recorded relapse was 10 years ago and so it is likely I was suffering MS before this and through all of it I continued to drive with no problems ever. More importantly is the fact that up until a couple of years ago my job required me to drive C1 and D1 vehicles and to do this I had to undergo an advanced course on those vehicles (for my employer) as well as a refresher every couple of years. I passed all of these with flying colours.

It feels like a massive blow to have lost these groups on my licence and I am really miffed about it. I believe I can have a medical with my GP who can say I am still fit but that I will have to pay for this report.

My question is multiple;

  1. Will I have to sit the medical every three years at the renewal time?

  2. It’s not critical to my job any more but would be nice for a bit of charity work I do but is it worth it trying to get these groups back?

  3. Has anyone gone through this and what was your experience?

Thanks very much everybody


I was d/x’d in 2010. The guy who told me said it was a mild as it could ever be and when I asked if I need to inform anyone, he said no. About 12 months later I got an MS nurse who told me to inform DVLA and also my then employer.

I too have to renew my licence every 3 years and have had all categories removed except for car. It’s annoying more than anything. I don’t want to drive a bus or a lorry but I have had that personal choice removed even though I’m sure I could do it.

The DVLA do things by the book - their book.

They took my 3-year (elderly) licence away, and replaced it with a 3-year licence on health grounds (my MS).

They have just restricted me to a “modified” vehicle, because they regard automatic transmission as a modification.

They have left me with a licence to drive a tracklaying vehicle steered by its tracks (I passed two driving tests on one of these things (better known as Centurion Tanks). Of course, the only tank that I know of with automatic transmission is American
At 79, I doubt if I could even get into one.


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Thank you for your replies. Guess it’s just another facet of MS that i have to accept I’m just mad about it really.

I also lost C1/D1 on my licence through MS.

I got in touch with DVLA and they said they would put them back on if I passed a medical.

But not for hire or reward.

So I would not be able to use this for work !

I am about to challenge cheetah as I have lost same and I want to drive a horsebox… my neurologist did say I hadn’t much chance but he would support me by saying no functional loss . I had written in questioning it and they told me ms is progressive … grhhh … I resisted sarcasm … I am right at last month to allow me to challenge so happy to post how I get on

Vit10 I no longer require it for work it is simply to help mates out or to volunteer with a local group that it would be nice for. It is likely I would never need it but it’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I drove for 10 years without issue until I had this little label of MS hanging over me. It’s amazing the upset that the label causes.

Mollymoo that would be great if you would and good luck with it, I really do have my fingers crossed for you.

Hi all ive relapsing remitting and just found out i cannot drive a motorhome or a horse box never been so fed up in all my life bloody dvla . But i can tow a caravan or a horsebox wot a load of rubbish .