NOT MS: Royal Mail.

The wonderful Royal Mail, not.

I ordered some goods on line, had confirmation from vendor that the order had been received and was being picked/packed, later in the day received notification that goods had been despatched, via Royal Mail, together with a trace and track reference number.

This morning I went on to the Royal Mail trace and track web page, entered the reference number, this is the message which came up:-

“Parcels Can Only Be Tracked After Delivery Has Been Completed”.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

Good grief! How ridiculous!

Why would you want to know the journey of your parcel? Stupid Royal Mail! Teresa xx

I am having similar grief with City Link.

I ordered an item on 15th Jan - actually, it was a hot wax bath for my painful MS feet.

Was given a delivery estimate of 19th to 23rd Jan - OK.

On 23rd Jan - i.e. “worst case” estimate, it still hasn’t arrived, and I get a rather shirty e-mail from the seller, to the effect that City Link haven’t been able to deliver, they have left cards I didn’t answer, and when am I going to be home, then?

All complete news to me, because as someone who works full-time from home, AND has MS, I’m pretty much home all day everyday, and working just feet from the front door, so how could anyone have tried to deliver without me noticing, AND where are the cards to prove it?

Only after I disputed this, the seller gave me a tracking number, and I find City Link claim to have tried on the 17th and the 18th, and to have left cards both times. There were very specific timestamps, and both times I was definitely HOME - couldn’t afford not to be, because I was working. Complete lying barstewards!

Scheduled redelivery (how can you have “redelivery”, when there’s been no attempt in the first place?) for Tuesday. Again, home all day, with the exception of 20 minutes at lunchtime. No delivery, no “Sorry we missed you”.

Still no parcel today, Thursday. Now 10 days it’s supposedly been in the system. Tracking hasn’t been updated since Monday lunchtime. Neither the seller nor City Link are responding to my e-mails now (and they were forthright, but NOT rude - no bad language, and nothing that wasn’t an exact account of what has happened).

Don’t think I’m ever going to get the footbath thing. Will have to console myself with thoughts it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. It’s not a recognised MS therapy, but my Nanna had similar for her arthritis, and it did help some.


Thanks Rebecca,

I have already asked the seller to double check, not only that they have the right address, but also that they passed it on correctly to the courier. They insist the answer is “Yes”, to both.

Courier definitely has the right postcode, as it appears on the tracking record, although it does not show full address including house number. But the seller was positive they’ve got the right house number: 32.

Even if they had made a mistake, it would take really moronic incompetence not to have sorted it out by now. If you keep on insisting you’ve tried to deliver, but the recipent says not, first thing you’d check is whether you’d got the right details, isn’t it?

But they’re not even updating the record, now. Monday’s record shows it was definitely coming Tuesday. But it was never logged as on the truck, or out for delivery. Nothing has been seen or heard of it since. Think it’s gone via the Bermuda Triangle!



Did you pay by credit card? Perhaps it’s time to get in touch with them. Stores hate charge backs.


Hi Jane,

I paid by debit card. It was Amazon Marketplace, so it’s protected by Amazon’s guarantee anyway, even though it’s a third party seller.

But I think you have to wait 15 days past the “worst case” delivery estimate, not from date of dispatch. Worst case estimate was the 23rd, so I’ve got 12 days to go yet, even though it still hasn’t materialised after 10 days, and the chances are looking slimmer.

Strange it disappeared from tracking altogether. They’re now no longer claiming to have it, or to have delivered it. It’s nowhere!