Hello everyone.

This is not life changing or anything like that, but I’m getting really hacked off with some delivery drivers. They either ring once and before I’ve even had the chance to stand up properly and get the stick, they’re off round the corner trying to palm the stuff onto someone else. Either that or they assume I’m deaf and keep ringing or knocking and tut when I answer the door. I’ve just been tracking one parcel and they claim to have tried on Saturday but failed. I was in all day. They said they left a note. Blatant lies.

Still it’s nice and sunny in East Sussex today.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Steve, I find they lie all the time. I’ve often waited in for delivery (well I probably wouldn’t be going out anyway but you know what I mean) and then I look at tracking and says they tried to deliver!

One did that twice and when I finally got the parcel I asked if it was him who tried to deliver the two previous times. He said yes. I said but I was here both times. Then he said oh no it wasn’t me!

Another one phoned me and asked me to come down to the street for the parcel as he didn’t want to get a parking ticket!

Well before long we’ll be having drones deliver our parcels… and a whole new set of problems!

Pat xx


My husband and I kept having repeated problems with one particular delivery guy being rude and impatient. So I put a complaint in.

Next delivery, he buzzed and said there’s a parcel. By the time my husband opened the flat door and got to the top of the stairs, the guy had entered the main entrance and flung the parcel across the hallway, then driven off

I complained again…I’m stubborn yah knows Anyway, the guy never apologised but he is more respectful.

Trouble is, we live in a small town and this guy seems to have the monopoly…his wife delivers our medications.

Sunny here in bonny Bridlington

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Hi Steve, I can’t praise the delivery company employees up here more, if I am struggling to get to door, I just shout out, if it’s a parcel by royal mail, the postmen/woman open the door, place parcel inside hallway, say they will sign for it, and off they go, other deliveries, I just shout out to them, they open door and, depending on size, either leave in hall or bring into living room, I sign for it and they go, usually asking if I want door open or closed, never had one missed parcel, Brian

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Hi, Steve,

I would complain, its not fair when they treat you badly and especially awful if they know that you have mobility problems, theres no excuse for rude behaviour. Iv’e had the odd time people have been rude but usually they are pleasant, the local postmen are lovely and will always try to help, and the Asda home shopping guys are great they always bring it in and unpack it onto the table…it makes such a difference when people are well mannered and kind and will go the extra mile.

Hope you get it sorted Steve. Take care Michelle x

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Yes, the parcel force people are brilliant as are some who take the time to wait or even call. It’s just the liars and the impatient. Anyway the toddler bed mattress has arrived although I didn’t get the chance to talk to him.

Best wishes.

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I think I must be incredibly luck with drivers and postmen…they are all so polite, give me chance to get to the door, call me by name, talk to my dogs, help me if its a heavy parcel etc etc…with the exception of Yodel who say they’ve delivered when they haven’t and constantly lose items and grunt at me instead of speaking! I’m told they pay their drivers peanuts so maybe that’s the reason?!

Nina x

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Steve we seem to be the come to place for delivery drivers they all use us coz we are in most of the time and have had parcels for two or three neighbours at a time they all know I take an age to get to the door and most wont ring if the car is not outside because it means Heather is out.


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