Royal Mail grrr!....not ms

Ever likely they can never deliver. Postie just came, parked on the drive, knocked on the door. I actually had my hand on the handle, having been allerted to his arrival (by parking on the drive, just so it’s easier for him to reverse off) by the time I’d opened the door (all of 5 seconds, maybe less) he was half way down the steps, on his way! he made a comment about ‘I didn’t know if the dog was going to run out’ what? through a solid door? obviously had no intention of waiting for someone to answer, he was quite shocked that I’d opened the door!..I don’t ever just let my dog run out of the door and am not always behind the door just on the off chance that someone knocks on it!

Alison x


oh dear! this is when i am grateful to live in a rural area,the postie knows its hard for me to get to door and i have told her just to open back door and leave stuff on table. i am aware this isnt ideal for everyone…the kids leave door unlocked when they go out to shool. i am usually in living room by this time and just shout morning/thanks etc.

ellie x

I’ve had terrible trouble with them lately.

Early last week, I ordered three separate items from Amazon. All of them dispatched the same day, with an ETA of this Monday.

To my surprise, one turned up on Thursday - well ahead of expectations - so far, so good.

Then, while I was out on Friday, I had a missed delivery. I had to go online and rebook it for Monday.

Monday it didn’t come.

So I had to file a complaint with RM, that a scheduled delivery wasn’t honoured. They said they would investigate, but this might take “several days”.

Tuesday and yesterday, still no parcels, so we’ve at this point got one that came while I was out, but had subsequently disappeared, and another that was at least two days overdue, no news at all.

Out of the blue, this morning, not a Royal Mail van, but one labelled “Salford Van Hire” pulls up. Well, this can’t have anything to do with my missing Royal Mail parcels, can it? Lucky I was home, because yes, it was my parcels. Both had Royal Mail labels on them, and a scheduled “redelivery” date of today, even though one had never been delivered in the first place, and the other was supposed to have been redelivered Monday!

All’s well that ends well, but I’m left scratching my head a bit. Where have my parcels been, and why have they turned up in a van that wasn’t Royal Mail?

With the “not leaving enough time to open the door” thing, I don’t drive, and so never have a vehicle on the drive. Some delivery people (not just Royal Mail) assume nobody could possibly be at home if their car wasn’t - apparently oblivious that not everyone has a car! Even though my desk & the computer are right by the front door, so it takes me seconds to get there (I’m still mobile), I have caught people in the act of driving off. They say: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t think you’d be home; you’re car wasn’t there!” Surely you should check whether a person’s home, not whether their CAR is!


Yes Tina, I’ve had the ‘well there was no one in, there was no car on the drive’ excuse as well, the delivery bloke actually took the rug to a neighbour round the corner, but he came back in the afternoon, saying he had left a card, which he hadn’t, then filled one out and gave it to me, (???) so I told him to go and get it! which he reluctantly did when I asked him, ‘if you left a card this morning…why did you come back this aftrrnoon?’ he had no answer he had no intention of leaving a card, I thought he was delivering as he was in the back of the truck with doors open and was waiting for him to emerge with a rug, which is when he told me ‘well there was no car on the drive’, still have no idea what he was playing at!..had to send the rug back it was the wrong colour! that wasn’t royal mail though!..having had a rant, I will say there is one firm who are brill, send an email with an hour slot for delivery and always manage it, in fact had a collection by them and 2 mins later a replacement delivery of same item, which I expected on the one van, but it was 2 seperate ones! so there are some good ones out there

Alison x

lts OK if its our usual posties - they know l take a long time to get to the door - and thats only if l have heard the doorbell! lf l am out in the garden l do not hear it - and having three large guard dogs you would think they would alert me to someone at the door. But no - they just wag their tails and do goofy grins. l have a sign on the door - its a picture of two rottweilers saying BEWARE - we live here!! - Should say - Please be quiet we are having a snooze. Luckilly our postie will sign for things for us and leave them inside the side entrance.

Someone has just been in a van delivering a large parcel - and the dogs have not lifted an eyelid.

lt must be really winter now - as our postman has only just stopped wearing his shorts!!!


My postman tried to stuff a parcel through my door the other day which was too big for my letterbox. He forced it through and ripped the whole letterbox off the door.

He didn’t knock or ring my doorbell either. I was so mad i opened my door and told him off.

It would have been so much easier to have knocked! Grrrrrr!

He appologised but two days later he was doing the same again! Thankfully he didn’t break it this time as hubby would have gone mad as he had to mend it.

I seem to have different posties from week to week and there have been others like yourself Alison that have not even knocked and just stuffed a ‘taken back to depot’ note through the door. I have even gone outside with the note and said ‘please knock next time!’

As i am unwell atm it has made me really cross as i have had to xmas shop on internet and have a few deliveries.

I don’t know why they do this but i am putting it down to sheer laziness!

rant over! ha ha ha!


I ordered something from Amazon with delivery date of 10th to 12th, I was going to have it delivered to my parents but chose to have it come to me as I know they like to go out a couple of times a week.

This afternoon I heard the letter box flap once so just thought some usual rubbish was being delivered, then a minute or two later it went again…so went to see what it was…and it was a card from Royal Mail to say they had tried to deliver a package aghhh…I have a drive and no there was no car on it because OH was at work taking car with him

Last time I ordered clothes online, a pair of jogging bottoms and three T-Shirts in one package…the delivery driver did’nt knock just tried to post it through the letter box breaking the draft excluder and left with the clothes just jammed inside. It took me ages to get it out but luckerly the clothes were not damaged.

A couple of weeks ago my parents ordered a coffee machine for me through Amazon and again it was delivered early, the trouble was he came about 5pm and my dad was out and my mum wont answer the door when its dark if she is on her own. They always use their back door when they go out so did’nt know he had left it on the doorstep till the next day when dad had to go out the front for some reason.

I have heard from various sources:

The different vans are hired by Royal Mail to cover the extra deliveries at this time of year usually. Also, the number that push a ‘you were not in’ letter as they want to get round their deliveries and carrying too many parcels/bulky items slow them down I suppose in theory now they have their little trolleys (which incidently my friends who do work as posties do not like) there should be less of these occurences?