Royal Mail

Ever since I’ve lived in this house, we’ve had the same lady delivering our post. She is lovely, polite and friendly. But the big thing for me is that she understands that I am slow to answer the door, so if there is a parcel which needs a signature and it will fit though the letterbox she just signs it for me and posts it through the letter box. She knows when I finish work and am likely to be in, she sometimes comes back later on her round if she has a parcel for me. Sometimes she opens my door, shouts to me and comes right in with mail or parcels. I know that technically she probably shouldn’t shout and come in or sign on my behalf but we’ve built up a relationship over the years and this arrangement suits us both. Anyway, I spoke to her today and she is retiring next Friday. I know she is beyond retirement age but never expected her to actually retire. So , we will get someone new. I just hope it is someone as good as her. No point to this post but a lovely lady who has made my life easier. Best wishes to her for a long and happy retirement. Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl

Its always sad when a lovely trusted person retires,isnt it ?

our postmans a lovely fella,my daughter adores him lol… i pull her leg over it,as shes only 21 and he must be in his early fourties…maybe your new postie will be just as nice,you could have a word with them, and ask if it would be allright for them to do the same…

J x

Hello Cheryl I hope your next postie is just as helpful. You will miss this lovely lady, hope she does have a wonderful retirement :slight_smile: Noreen x

aw cheryl

am gutted for you.

i too have fab posties-2 regular ones and 3rd one covers holidays i guess. they all knock on door then come in and put post on my powerchair, signing stuff for me too and i have never had a prob. i do appreciate that one of the pluses to living in a rural area. i had my 4th child at home, he was born 7.28am and postie was first person to see him-shes retired now but its family joke that postie delivered him with the mail!

am sure ur new one will be fab too.


oops-that wasnt meant to be anon!

we dont have one regular postie but several.

most are great but one doesnt knock if he has a parcel, just shoves the “tried to deliver but you weren’t in” card.

most annoying if i’m actually there waiting.

if i didnt have such spazzy legs i’d run after him!

She sounds so lovely and will be a miss. It’s great that you’d built up a relationship. Hopefully the new postie will be nice and get the same thing happening, I’m quite lucky here though not so much with Royal Mail but delivery companies just put everything to my mums house if I’m not in. Had a carry on the other week someone sent the parcel from eBay to my maiden name and the guy wouldn’t give me the parcel as I didn’t have a utility bill X