Not looking forward to tomorrow

So everything happens at once! tomorrow i get to find out if i am being made redundant, and i see the neuro to get dx of either MS or FND. Whether its MS or FND, stress really doesn’t help either condition I understand so the redundancy thing is a nightmare. Could be 2 lots of life changing news tomorrow, but i suppose on both counts i’ll know either way and can move forward (trying to stay positive).

They say things happen in threes, just wondering what else is in store for me

Think i’ll stick a bottle of wine in the fridge ready for tomorrow night, gatta a feeling I may need it!

Hope everyone here as well as they can be. xxx

A big hug to you hunni. Here for you if you need me. At least you will get a definate diagnosis, that’s how I see it, even though it not the best news at least you will know what you’re dealing with ( please remind me of this when my time comes lol) . Job wise, best of luck. Hopefully things will go your way xxx

All the best for tomorrow, it’s going to be a difficult day. At least with neuro, you will have a diagnosis and know what your dealing with.

I’m sorry to hear about the work situation, possible redundancy is a big thing for you to be dealing with, on top of your medical problems.

Make sure it’s a decent wine


Noreen x

Oh blumin’heck, you’ll certainly remember tomorrow’s date for a very long time, either good or bad, the third thing could be… You can’t get the blinkin’ cork or lid from the bottle of wine, best buy 2 bottles!!

Here’s hoping for 3 good bits of news, and a celebratory hangover on Thursday.

Good luck

Pauline. Xx

Good luck Bunny.

I have been meaning to ask you but are your reflexes exagerated and do you have a positive babinski sign (toes going up when a sharp object is scraped along bottom of foot ? This happens in MS but I dont think so in FND.

Moyna xxx

Thank you all for your wonderful support as ever.

Well today’s the day, got back to back management meetings today to discuss the redundancies but I guess at least that will keep my mind occupied until this evening when I see the neuro to discuss dx.

Once I know what is going on with my health and my job I can move forward and make plans. Its like every aspect of my life is in limbo at the minute, the answers may be painful but at least I wiill know and I think i will feel more in control then. Its like my future is out of my hand right now.

One silver lining, hubby has said if do lose my job we should think about me not working and getting a dog. i have always wanted a dog and will keep me busy and get me out of the house. Also. being a home lover and a house proud person I will have time to be a domestic godess again (health permitting). Working full time and being ill means that I no longer have the energy to put into our home and family which makes me sad, so getting time to do that now may be just what I need.

Every cloud…


Aww getting a dog. It’s lovely that you sound so positive and why not :slight_smile: Like you say, every cloud…:slight_smile:

Your husband sounds lovely too :slight_smile: