Today over and done with....

Hello, those of you who followed my previous post about not looking forward to today, an update…

Yes I will be made redundant, but a really good redundancy package wgich means I wont be financially impacted for about 18 months,so all good, gives me time to take a break, concentrate on my health and look for something less stressful. In many ways very sad, love the company and my team but if i’m honest I can’t cope with it anymore so this is the right time for me to go.

Got dx this evening, FND, so good news not MS. Neuro is going to keep a close eye on me and see me monthly for the time being. First treatment is to get meds right so trying variations of does and gradually increasing. Going forward probably more neuro physio.

My scan of brain and spine showed no chang since last year except for a bit more disc degeneration (also have degenerative disc disease) but this needs no further intervention at th moment, Bloods all good except for something called ANA levels so he is referring me to a rheumatologist just to check it out.

So a long and tiring day, life will be very different without my job, but I beleive everything happens for a reason and the reduced stress will help managing FND much easier.

feeling calm but very tired, Looking forward to my bed tonight!


Oh hunni, I’m so glad it’s not MS ! I’m glad I came on tonight :slight_smile: I think you’re right that finding a new job, especially with a bit of time to choose, will be good in the long run. Something less stressful :slight_smile: I’m glad you got a diagnosis :slight_smile: that’s brilliant, at least you know what you’re dealing

Great Bunny I am so glad for you on both accounts. Is FND just temporary ? and if so how long does it usually last.

May I ask if you have spasticity or brisk reflexes with FND. I am still looking for answers although FND has never been mentioned.

Onwards and upwards Bunny

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Thanks all.

Moyna, yes I do have brisk reflexes and some spacisity. There is a really good website my neuro directed me to thats explains it really well.

It is possible to make a full recovery but can take a long time. My neuro explained last night that very much like MS it can be a relapsing/remitting condition and reading testimonies of people who have written on the web site I can see how this can easily be mistaken for MS. Many people have this for life but unlike MS its not progressive and the symptoms are not caused by “disease”. It as functional condition of the nervous system and brain.

I think this a diagnosis reached when everything else has been ruled out that would explain symptoms.

If not treated properly it can lead to severe disability (in a small number of cases) but on the whole once it’s identified and the right treatment/s are given it can be managed very well.

Good luck with yourdx journey xxx

I’m glad you have some answers. I’m glad it isn’t MS. I hope things improve for you xxx

I’m glad you’ve ended the day feeling positive. Keep that attitude and you’ll do fantastic :slight_smile: Enjoy this quality ttime now with your family. I must say, I don’t have as much money now but definitely more happy family time :slight_smile: I hope once they sort treatment out for the FND your symptoms will become easier. Take care Noreen x

Goodness, life really is putting you through the wringer at the moment. I hope that you feel content with the direction things are going, once the dust has settled a little.


Hi, you have had a lot to cope with, so take a rest now, if you can, to take stock and think about things calmly and in no hurry.

All the best darlin`.

luv Polx

Hi like many I have been following what has been happening. I am pleased for you that you will get some breathing space due to your redundancy package. LIke you say that it has ended this way but you will now be able to concentrate on your health. A parent of a student I teach said recently said to me ‘as one door closes, others open and it makes you look at other possibilities’. I am pleased that you have on-going support and will be starting a treatment plan to help with the symptoms. I hope you stay in touch and let us know how you get on with the treatment. Take Lou x