Results today and not MS.

Hello, After paying privately due to the stress I was under I finally had my MRI results today. After months of pins and needles down my entire left side, cold sensations in my face and arms, spiking pains in my spine and body, muscle spasms and my vision changing the results on the MRI were totally normal. I just wanted to offer some hope to others in the same boat as me waiting for an MRI with symptoms you couldn’t possibly believe don’t have an organic cause. I’m a life long migraine sufferer which may offer some answers or maybe it will remain medically unknown like FND. I am now going to be monitored by the consultant under the NHS to see what happens with the hope that with some stress management things will improve. Best wishes to everyone stuck in the unknown Kate


Wow, that’s interesting that they potentially think all that can be due to stress?! Our bodies do like to confuse us don’t they! Glad your mind is set at rest though and that they are continuing to follow up with you.

That is brilliant news for you!

brilliant new. I have the same symptoms so hopefully I will be okay

Hi Kate80. That’s great news for you. Personally, I’m really impressed you gave this site your feedback. Many should take encouragement from the fact you can have symptoms of MS, but it doesn’t mean it is MS. The diagnostic process can be much longer than people can bare, but hope can have its place. . Best of luck with your health & thank you for being so thoughtful xx

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Thank you Kate for sharing your news.

You are going to be monitored which is all good. I think they are taking a “lets wait and see approach”.

I have in my journey tried to calm people down over their symptoms. Our brain is a very powerful thing. It can even copy a what you see and read and give it to you kind of thing lol. Yeh seriously it is very powerful. No computer can match our complex brains.

That is what I suppose FND is based on. There can be all the symptoms but no proof. The brain has misfired and decided to scare the hell out of you.

I say though if it is MS it will show itself eventually. I had to wait 16 years, and I followed another MSER Montel Williams used to be chat host in the states, it took him 19 years to get diagnosed. In our journeys we have managed to gather together a basket load of coping mechanisms because really most of how you deal with MS is through coping mechanisms. I have PPMS so nothing much for me anyway, perhaps if i was younger and had RRMS I could have tried drugs dmd to slow it down.

So Kate all i can say is this. Eat well, no smoking, exercise and just enjoy your life. What will be will be.

Again thank you for sharing as by doing that it helps others who are scared that their symptoms are down to MS. it isnt always necessarily so.

Hugs. xxxx

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