OH day tomorrow

Am getting more and more nervous. I have a GP coming out tomorrow, from Occupational Health, to do an “Independent Medical Assessment”. Don’t know what to expect.

Oh best of luck Cath im sure all will be fine just be urself but try not to trip up n thro tea over them "/ lol

Im back off to the dr’s 2moro myself as my boss has said i can go back to work if the gp says so

just teh dizziness episodes that are a tad worrying being as i work in a kitchen "/

Lou :slight_smile: x

I’m not making him blooming tea…!! Cxx

hope it goes well today


OH as a breed in my experience tend to be very nice people.

As a manager I often sent staff to them and then ended up there myself.

They are on your side and want to be totally sure you are fit to be there.At the end of the day they don’t want to say you are fit for anything and then find you have an accident.,and have that on their head.

If a return to work is viable they will help you work out what changes need to be made and help you by stating for how long these adaptations ie phased return need to be over. Its always best to write into it that any new working systems need to be reviewed and at what time scale,and by who.

Best of luck and be sure to use the visit to your advantage


Am shocked. Truly shocked. The occi health GP that came was very nice. Showed me dignity and respect and was very compassionate. But he tells me that his report is going to say that I am both physically and psychologically unfair for work for at least three months and will need re-assessing at that point. I really didn’t expect someone to understand…daft or what…he’s a doctor!! Half pay here I come. Yikes. Lots to work out.

Hey - so glad it went well for you

The lowered pay isn’t so good but your health comes first.

How are you actually doing? xx

Actually doing…pretty rubbish. This just seems to be going on and on and… Talking to my nurse today. Nasty neuro hasn’t identified what type of MS it is or where the lesions are. Apparantly she has only identified “benign MS” with “hardly any lesions” and “entirely functional” symptoms. Let’s hope I get more answers from the new neuro on the 5th feb. And devastated about work. Or possibly just the reality of a GP saying I’m unfit. Brings it home a bit. Xx

Sorry your appointment didn’t go as you hoped Catherine and that you’re not fit for work yet. All these things come as a blow but once you get your head round it, you’ll see that you need to look after yourself and not try to do too much when your body is not capable yet. I hope you get more answers from your new neuro on the 5th of February. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa. Xx

Hmm that’s not good at all. How on earth can this neurowomanfromhell say that? Hardly any lesions is irrelevant!!! You have lesions and MS and symptoms. Why on earth do these hard-hearted people do their job if they are so adamant nobody actually has an illness?!!

I do hope the next neuro is so much nicer and kinder and helpful.

I was told today that school are sending me on sick leave until after the summer holidays as soon as they can find a cover teacher. Maybe we should go on a retreat! Thinking of you lots, Dx

WTF?! Where did she get her degree from?! Jeez!!! Every one of those statements is flawed!!!

(Do you get my disgust from all the exclamation marks in that line? :slight_smile: )

The OH doc sounds lovely. You never know, you might be much better come April and be back at work no problem. For now, focus on getting better - lots of rest, healthy eating and “me” time, plus exercise when you can.

Good luck on the 5th. Can’t be any worse than the last one!!!

Karen x

Lets go, Deb !! Trouble is, I’m gonna be on half pay in a couple of weeks, so it’ll have to be cheap…not Mr Craig hunting in New York…sadly !! Thanks, Karen. I don’t know what the hell I did to make her dislike me so much. Since this started in August, I’ve been willing this “relapse” to burn itself out. Now I don’t even know if it actually is RRMS and am worrying. I thought a relapse was briefer than this ?? Not long to wait though…and I’ve heard some really good reports on the new neuro. The O/H GP was very calm and compassionate despite my sobs and snotty nose !! I’m always ok until I have to talk about “it”. Catherine xx

nice to hear Catherine that you seem fine with whats happening and good luck in february. I am just waiting for OH to call for an update on the 10th Jan.


August is still not all that long ago - although I bet it feels like forever. When we get long relapses, I would guess all us RRMSers think, “Uh oh, SPMS!” but more often than not, it’s just a stubborn attack. I remember that you had a spell in which you felt better before Christmas? If you did and my brain isn’t malfunctioning (as per usual), then this is probably a second relapse since August. It can be really hard to tell sometimes though :frowning:

Hang in there and I bet that you’ll wake up one morning soon(ish) and realise that, actually, you feel better! It’s a lovely moment, that :slight_smile:


I did, karen. I had about four weeks, when although the symptoms were there, they were much diluted. I’m hanging on in…promise. Most times I’m still optimistic when I go to bed, that tomorrow will be “the” day. And some mornings are more disappointing than others but it’s always a better day than so many others, so I get real !! Xx

My nurse has been out today…she tells me that the other phrase used on my record from nasty neuro is…wait for it… “Indolent MS” Gosh I feel so valued…it just gets better !!

What does that mean?

In medical terms, it means having little effect, causing little or no pain or slow growing in terms of tumours.

Actually to be precise, I should’ve said little impact rather than effect.