Not being petulant or jealous - I hope!

Both my brothers are very successful, wealthy business men. Large houses - big cars - living the good life.

I have m.s. - struggle financially - physically and emotionally. At times could do with with some moral support.

My brothers have no interest in me, the whole notion of considering that I may occasionally want support appears not to cross their minds.

I’m not normally a whinger and I’m not after sympathy.

I know how hard it may seem to you at times I’ve been through something similar,

and yes it did make me angry at the time but all that they have and own can be changed in a heartbeat.

My sister had everything when she married big house nice cars, housekeeper . Children at private school, they didn’t want to know me , l got a phone call once a year if l was lucky.

to her friends l was the poor sister with M S. She used to send me a hamper once a year from F & M.

what the hell l was supposed to do with that l have no idea, it was full of things l would never eat but the basket came in handy.

until her husband started drinking heavily and got addicted to coke ( not the drink ) he lost his job they lost their home and lifestyle and their poor children had to leave their school and go to the local school where they were bulled due to going to a

private school. and heaven forbid she had to get a job and work for a living.

They now live in a rented house , he’s in Rehab and she’s never off the phone wanting help.

in all of this it’s my niece and nephews l feel sorry for , my heart goes out to them but there is little l can do.

so you see it may not all be sweetness and light behind the front door in their homes and families, and as the old saying goes

Be kind to those you meet on the way up,

because you don’t know if you will need them on the way down.

Try to enjoy what you have . even though this crappy disease drags us down. We learn to drag ourselves back up

Take Care of yourself.

Margaret ( Charlie B )


One word. Karma. Takes care of everything.

OP here I hope they continue to enjoy the good life and I would get no pleasure if they hit the skids. But do they really not occasionally stop and think that their brother may need a bit of support?

Have you ever taken the direct approach and asked for a little support? Moral or physical support initially. Try it and see. You might be surprised at what response you receive.

Is there any communication between you all? Sometimes people don’t see what’s under their nose and we MSers can put on a very good show at times.


As anyone had the Elton John Test. I went for my appointment where I did not see my Doctor for I was seen by her Registers.For they used a Tuneing Fork on certain parts of my Body Chest,Hands,Legs to feel Sensations.I was gobsmacked.I was disappointed for I wanted some help about increasing pains,they said increase my medication of Gabapentin.So I WILL LEAVE OF WITH CANDLE IN THE WIND.

Hello there,

The last thing you are being is petulant or jealous, just realistic! I know exactly where you are coming from too. I have an older brother and sister, both of whom are very successful and wealthy. They both live a fair distance away from me, so we never see each other. If there are ever any family occasions like weddings or BIG birthdays, l can never attend because usually the venues chosen are inaccessible for me, and it usually means a stay in a hotel, also impossible because we don’t have the money or transport available to get any where.

I am the poor baby sister with MS, but I would happily do without all their trappings of wealth just to have my health and mobility back. My husband is brilliant, but as my full time carer it is not easy for him either, as he is with me 24/7 and has to put up with all my emotional turmoils. Being able to get on this site and let off a little steam is essential in order to save our sanity. I for one will be visiting a lot more so I don’t spontaneously combust!

Take good care of yourself and if it helps you can whinge away with me to your hearts content!


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