Re Families, sorry in advance for moaning

I wonder if you find the same as me, that families are particularly hard to deal with. I had to have words with my dad this morning, as he made a comment that I could not ignore. It made me realise that he really doesn’t know what I go thorough with this b… MS and I told him so. Unfortunately he is unwell himself at the moment, so I try not to go on about what has happened to me in the week. In fact I am trying and succeding to manage some of my symptoms, with diet and meditation. Of course this sort of outburst is the sort of thing I really don’t need as it is stress that bring on the symptoms. I am trying to be positive and do not want to be reminded of what is happening to me but it seems that other people make it very difficult and unless you carry on about your illness all of the time then somehow they believe there’s nothing wrong with you.

Sorry but at the moment I think I prefer dogs oh and cats.

There are people out there, no matter family or not who do keep needing to be reminded that your slower than normal because…that you cannot overwork at things because…and that your not having a good day because of your ms symptoms. Yes it can be repetative however for some reason people seem to love making it hard for us to feel the best we can because of being pulled down in some way or another, or snide remarks perhaps because they feel we are not pulling our weight (because we look fine).

Ignorance reigns and unless people read up and try understand what we go through its a constant battle.

Try not to let your father get to you. I do feel sometimes they feel left out because you might be getting just too much attention? Whatever, try explain calmly how you feel, then ask him why he said what he did.

Hope all gets resolved soon, I know your upset but tomorrow might be completely different.


I have the exact same thing with my in laaws all because my sister in law had a problem with her hand and she couldnt move it and they said it was ms (which was proved later not to be it was a trapped nerve) and when I told them that i had ms they wouldnt beleive me cause i ‘had to try and out do my sister in law’. They also like to say comments behind my back when they dont think i can hear them.

At the end of the day i have now got to the point where i dont care what my in laws say about me cause i know the truth. My ms nurse even sent me some info for them to read but it didnt work.

The way i look at it is if they cant say anything to my face they arent worth it at all.

Things will get better

Allie xxx

I have EXACTLY this kind of family - you aren’t alone!

Just remember to take care of youself and try not to let their ignorance bother - hard to do I know!!

Thank you so much for your support my dear friends, I knew you’d understand. I’m feeling much better today but must say the stress of this gave me a headache all day yesterday, I’m happy again now.