Loss it with family

I lost it with my brother yesterday, as he was moaning about money troubles and being stressed by business problems. I supported him for many years with his business which saw him through many years and allowed his 2 sons to graduate and get good jobs. I was wedged between him and his wife and was used as the person who came up with sensible suggestions and always tried to make things right.

I cannot deal with his moaning anymore, for one thing it makes me feel a bit guilty that I off loaded onto my family and we had financial problems of our own.

He seems (like many others) to measure our ability to walk with how bad our MS is. I told him that I may look ok but do not feel ok and can’t deal with his problems as well as my MS.

He told me about a woman he was speaking to last week who also has MS and is now back driving and seems to walk ok so much have got better!!! I explained that there are many people with MS who do not use sticks but it doesn’t mean they are not having problems.

Another thing that annoys me is that when I’m in my buggy people are so helpful and considerate it’s overwhelming. I do get out from time to time to go into very small shops where the buggy won’t go and I use my crutches to get around and walk very slowly. People seem to be put out by my slowness and push into me and in front of me with out an apology.

I do not walk as well as I’d like but have other symptoms such as pain and muscle weakness and fatigue that cause me far more problems than simply walking. (Don’t worry about how I look these days)

Sorry for the moan but what with the weather and all the depressing news in the media I found it difficult to sleep last night.

Going anon as I’m not normally such a miserable b…

Oh, we are all allowed to vent on here. It oftens does us good. No need to go anon hun.

Do you feel better now?

luv Pollx

we understand what you are going through as we have similar health issues and at times similar misunderstanding from others, it sounds like you are the strong one in your family I was the one that my family came to when issues arrived however I no longer can cope and have to be direct in what I can and cannot do , so dont apologies for stating your case we have all been there and at least we have a good idea how you are feeling

take care


Thanks Trish, I’ve calmed down a bit now, hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow. You never know, my moods seem to change like the wind these days.


People do not understand about MS unless they have lived with it. You are right to speak up, no reason at all why you should suffer in silence. Our own family understand a bit more, but I get slightly irritated with the comments about how well my husband looks. He will have made a tremendous effort to sit in the chair and look ‘normal’, he will also suffer for days after they have gone. But how you get that across, i dont really know. All I can say, I suppose we would have reacted the same in similar circumstances.

I hope you are feeling better today.