I have m.s. - am now being investigated for cancer - very close relative has m.s. - another close relative being treated for cancer - youngest daughter having massive work problems - heading for a breakdown??

Awake half the night worrying about youngest daughter - woke up this morning feeling extremely ill - barely able to get up.

I am supporting everyone as much as I can but I feel completely ground down - I put a brave face on it but I’m gradually going under. And I can’t see any end to it.

Oh love I’m so sorry, all this really won’t help your MS, all the stress and worry will only make it worse, up to a point you have to think about yourself, worry all you like for them, but it’s you that will get really ill and I know it won’t be easy, their your family, I understand that, but if you go down you won’t be any good to anyone, take a deep breath, explain to them how you feel and that you want to be there for them, but that you too are struggling, good luck.

you know what? sometimes our familys problems make us stronger. My mum was like that and I can battle for my girls, as Ive had to do. Once they are sorted…and yeh, it can take forever it seems and lots of attention…but after all is settled, I find time for myself again and lie down in a darkened room for as long as it takes. Hope things improve soon for you chuck xxx