Norfolk Broads Weekend

Hi Everyone Hope you are all well?(as you can be) can anyone of you give me some ideas as to where to visit. We are going for a weekend break, the first since the diagnosis to the Norfolk Broads. I have now been given a wheelchair as walking is very difficult, will be staying at a B&B that is in an old school house, so no stairs, but no thoughts as to where we can visit during the days that can be accessed in a wheelchair. Need a break as still having big problems with work!! Thanks Deborah

Hi Debs, Amazon/Norfolk Broads? I thought I was about to read of your watery escapades!

Why not ring the tourist offices where you are going? it would put them to task…I used to do that job and we got `myestery shopped in such things.


ahem! for myestry read mystery please!


Hi I spent a week in Norfolk using my wheelchair. Loads of places to go. The promenade and pier at Great Yarmouth are chair friendly. Their are loads of boardwalks on the broads and tourist information had load of leaflets and websites are very good. Norwich was nice but hilly in places. I loved Norfolk and so did my chair. Enjoy Neil

Hi Deborah, You could try Fairhaven Woods and water garden in School Lane , South Walsham. I was there about a month ago and it’s very pleasant. I saw two people in wheelchairs. In some places you might need a bit of help with a few of the tracks but it is quite wheelchair friendly. It’s lovely woodland with loads of big rhododendron bushes and there is a big lake at the end where you can see loads of wildlife. There is also a small garden centre , picnic areas and benches along the tracks and a gift shop. One word of warning, because of all the greenery there might be a few mosquitos but the shop sells mossie repellent.

Hi Deborah

I live in Norfolk but am still fairly mobile. I think most places do make an effort to be accessible for wheelchairs users so it was hard to think of anywhere specific. I did a quick search on the internet and came up with this site which may be of some use to you. You can have a look at individual tourist attractions and there is a section about accessibility which may be of interest if you want to take a boat ride or take part in water sports.

Have a fantastic holiday

Tracey x

Thanks Guys as always can rely on you all to give me info. Will let you know how we get on. Deborah

Hi I am of no use at all, but just wanted to say have a lovely time. I live (in a rented annexe) on the Norfolk broads in Beccles, the boats etc. go past the bottom of our garden.

Have fun