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Can ms really have such an affect on sex life/attraction to people that you just have no interest in it anymore. Im 22 and was diagnosed 3 years ago now, Im single and have been for the last 2 years, I used to be quite confident around females but the longer Ive been diagnosed the less I have been and the less Ive had any physical attraction towards.

Hi Anon, are you on any medication that could be having an effect on your libido? It could also be with the MS your head space is so taken up with what is going on there is no space for thinking of the opposite sex right now. You mention your confidence, could it also be you feel less confident and so therefore have shut down so as not to risk get rejected? If you have an MS nurse maybe have a word with them to see if this is a natural reaction to any of your meds.


It might be worth getting your testorone levels checked. Like you, I had a perfectly healthy libido before I had MS, only for it to slowly dwindle away. But then it got picked up that my testosterone levels were low so I was started on a gel that I had to rub on my belly every day, and this improved things. It’s still not as much as I was before, but my sex drive is loads better than it was.

I take rebif and have been doing so for the last year now, I was in a long relationship which ended just before I was diagnosed, maybe I do feel fear of rejection, but I do think that to most females it would be to scared to commit to a 22 year old that has ms, thanks for the reply

I can understand that you worry about someone not wanting to start a relationship with someone with an illness such as ms, but the only way to find out is get yourself out there and try. Illness or not we all face rejection at some point and it is harder when you feel so down to start with. Not to be trite but is it better to sit in alone missing out on the chance of love or even just a kiss and cuddle than to take the bull by the horns and risk getting rejected? You don’t need to disclose your full medical history on a first date or even the second, just try to have fun. You are so young and to give up already is just too heartbreaking. Do you have mates who you can go out with and do what young men your age do? Are you well enough to do that just now? Please don’t give up, even just meeting new people to talk to and have a laugh with without is becoming the romance of your life right now might be enough to kick start your interest. Good luck.

I didnt realise ms could have a impact on testorone levels, but thanks for that I will look into it, how would you get a test, doctors?

Yea that is very true, any females I have spoke to lately though I just get a feeling that there scared, I may not of directly told them about ms but others that know may of, this feeling has put me off to some extent. I have a few freinds yeah, all in long term relationships though and are settled. Thanks for the replies.

Hi, when we have low self esteem, it is sometimes picked up by those we would like to get to know.

I think getting your testosterone levels checked could be a good idea.

Yeh, ask your GP about it.

A young man like you, should be out there having fun…but do so safely, yeh?


To be honest I don’t know if the low testosterone was caused by the MS, I was never given a reason why it might be low. But yes, it was just a simple blood test that picked it up.