MS and dating

So I’ve been single for nearly 5 years since me and my husband split the year I got diagnosed(he was a bad egg) it’s took me a long time to get used to telling people I have Ms and getting my confidence back. I used to find when I told people I had it I’d be very quickly ghosted which has knocked my confidence. Now there’s just me and my 8 year old son in the house and I’m lonely I just want an adult conversation. I struggle meeting people now with my confidence being knocked. Has anyone been in same situation and could offer me any help or advice? Thanks :slight_smile: xxx

Hi linzi, I’d say just be yourself, hold your head high, be confident and reflect your positive self. Having MS doesn’t mean certain outcomes are a given. Live in the here and now, accept only the best for yourself. The rest will follow. Maybe some social interaction online first, build up your confidence. It’s a big wide world out there. Stay safe. Retro.

Hi Linzi. People who ghost you because you have MS are not even worth thinking about. The sort of people worth befriending are those who see you as a person, and not the condition that you have. I agree with Retro, chatting first to people online may well be a good way to build up your confidence.


Build friendships first before thinking of a boyfriend.

Once you have a group of female friends you will be in a better, safer position to get yourself out there.

Of course male friendships are as important as female friends.

So make friendships your overarching aim!

Good luck, give your son a hug from me.

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I would say meet new people and make new friends, but this Covid thing made our lives so complicated. If you miss adult conversation talk with your friends, or any cousins maybe? You can meet their friends also, both males and females.
The new relationship will come sooner or later, but someone who ghost you because of MS - he doesn’t deserve you.

When it comes to online dating here are my tips:

  1. Know your goal and use an appropriate platform

  2. Nice pic of your face, nice pic of you with mates, nice pic of you doing something you enjoy

  3. Be honest but fairly brief in your bio, read metrodate review to know how to arrange your profile

  4. Be ready for some nutters, some very lonely people and some entirely normal people

  5. Enjoy it. It’s fun.

Hi, Paul here, you’re absolutely right, my wife and I separated over 3 years ago, and now, my only callers are the odd friend and my family. I miss female company, and everyday conversation. Paul

Hi Linzi, I want you to be encouraged, girlie! We, as human beings, are overwhelmed by all kinds of problems, but the worst is when it happens to our health. So I want you to be encouraged by me, by others here. Online is so vast and here you find pleasant people to talk to, especially dating sites. For example, (removed by moderator), where he is 100% trustworthy and open-minded. Here I met Li! We have conversations until midnight! I learned a lot from him: to love myself, take care of my soul, and accept all the blows of this damn life that I love too much!

Hi Linzi! There are so many people around the globe straggling with the same issue as you do and covid situation made it even worse. As mentioned before online dating platforms are the best option to find someone these days. I would like to warn you that its not gonna be very easy, you will start lots of conversations and there are very different people on the dating platforms but you just need to be yourself and continue conversations only with people you feel comfortable writing with. You also have to check carefully what kind of platform is that, cause some people are looking just for one night stand and its absolutely fine. I prefer websites where people look for serious relationships and don’t start the conversation with “Let me show you my …”. Here is the list of platforms you might find interesting (removed by moderator), my favorite ones are (removed by moderator). Ask your friend to make you a nice fresh picture (it is a bad idea to use 5 years old photo, cause it is important to be honest from the beginning), don’t be lazy and write a little intro about yourself, mention your interests, hobbies etc (please don’t write what you don’t like or what you are not looking for, personally for me those profiles always seem rude and i never answer if guy starts to write first). And the most important recommendation - don’t be shy ad start dating, the first step is always the most difficult, but it always leads to something better.
Good luck!