Ms and finding love

I don’t usually tell people I’ve been diagnosed with Ms I’ve always thought it was my business, I’m a private person. Now I’m single again ( after many years) and I’ve reliased I still want to feel attractive to others too. Concern maybe others won’t think so if they know. I also have no idea how I’m going to meet someone and find love again. Anyone with someone positive stories or advice. ONLY POSITIVE messages please.

I had known my now wife about 3 months when she was diagnosed. The day she found out we went out for a drink with friends, and ended up talking all night as she needed an ear. Not long afterwards we started dating, and that was almost 25 years ago

It probably helps she was really hot and I was batting well above my weight


I have PPMS. I lost my husband several years ago and found myself very lonely so decided to try online dating declaring in my details that I had ms. On the second date I told the man that I went out with to my great embarrassment that I had an indwelling catheter and peed into a leg bag. That was my biggest worry. He took it in his stride. We have now been married for over three years.


One of the biggest and attractive traits for me is HONESTY and STRENGTH. Prior to my own MS diagnosis if I met a lady who told me that she had MS but was owning the situation then I don’t think that there would be a problem. I wouldn’t want to interfere in her MS but would be on standby to support her.

If she was a bit of a wet tea bag and very very needy then I would probably keep looking for something else. But that is just me. Must be the years of being married to a nurse! and getting my backside kicked from time to time.

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thanks it good to hear of a good story and give me hope for the future

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thanks, for giving me hope for the future

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