no show!

So I`m sat here, adding last minute notes to my interview stuff and yeh, Bev (possibly Mark 2) is due at 2pm.

All hopes now pinned on this one, after 2 others who were supposed to come for interview yesterday, phoned to cancel.

And its now almost 3 oclock and there`s been no call. no text from Bev (possibly Mark 2) to say she isnt coming.

So I`ve gone through the remaining CVs and called 4…2 no answers and 2 not interested.

So thats that! Ive put a lot into typing and re-typing stuff for them and myself.

Well it passed the days on when I`ve had no carer.

So, of course good old, reliable, steadfast Mr Polly has looked after me all by himself.

Hes managed for almost 7 days and we havent murdered each other…yet! 2 more days to go!

I guess no-one wants a piddling 3 hours and 1 sleepover a fortnight afterall!

a saddened Pollsx

I can’t understand it.

If Mr Polly can put up with you without getting murdered, what’s putting people off?

And who wouldn’t want to have a sleep-over with you. It sounds like a blast.


(I’d volunteer myself but I’m allergic to Yorkshire Pudding.)

Oh Poll, it’s a hell of a lot of stress for you & Mr Polly. I am really hoping Bev 2 has a good explanation (maybe something’s occurred & she will get back to you) or 1 or both of the no answers will reply. You take care Tracey xx

sounds tough on you both, I hope things improve soon.


I think Bev (possibly Mark 2) found out about Mark 1 and realised what a lame duck she’d be in comparison, so rather than embarrass herself, just didn’t show up.

Or else she’s just a time wasting cow.

And you have wasted a lot of time on these interviews, blast them all the hell where they deserve to reside for the rest of eternity. But then maybe the fact that you’ve kept yourself occupied with all this interview stuff is what’s kept you and Mr Polly from committing any violent crimes.

Sue x

My day got worse! DPs rang to ask if I`d found anyone new. I told em the tale. She came up with 3 solutions.

  1. to reduce my Bev`s hours to pay someone else for more hours. I said no. Bev works hard for her dough and needs it.

  2. She said use an agency…oh yeh, like having chuff knows who coming and if they come at all and do a decent job. Plus pay their fees of about £10 and hour more and double for a sleepover. I said No!

  3. Let her advertise under Social Services and see if we get any replies. Maybe.

My Bev is back on Monday and I will ask if she can cover the extra time till I get someone else.

Pished off, fed up and just eaten a big fat choux bun. Going to bed now for a right good sulk!



Hi again.

decided to give a no answer bod another try.

she didnt answer, but rang me straight back.

had a little chat…things could work with this one…ever hopeful in difficult times!

she`s coming on Monday afternoon.

fingers, toes, eyes and nostrils crossed!

watch this space.