No-fly cruises

Does anyone have any tips about non-fly cruising and its suitability for wheelchair users please?

I went on a cruise to Greenland on a rusty old bucket of a ‘cruise ship’ six years ago and there were several people in wheelchairs who seemed to navigate around the boat quite well,with or without help.I imagine that things would be very well organised on a modern ship and disembarking will be easier than what I saw.

If ever I can afford a big holiday,it will be a cruise, as’ the world comes to my window’…porthole maybe.I’m only eight miles from Liverpool pier head so I’ve got no excuse.

Happy holidays,


I haven’t been on a non-fly cruise but the cruises I have been on with my wheelchair were fantastic. It was easy to move round the ship in a wheelchair, consideration and help from the crew when asked, assistance boarding and going out on excursions. I can walk a little which helped, but others who could not walk were looked after very well, actually lifted, wheelchair and all from ship to tender boat and back when required.

For me, cruising is the perfect holiday if you’re disabled. Do try it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.